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Issue 1.2


SnapTalk 3.0

Issue: 1.2 (October/November 2002)
Author: Brian Jones
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In any enterprise, having chat software ready to use at any moment can do wonders for streamlining communications between participants. There is a lot of free software out there that serves this purpose: Adium, Yahoo! Messenger, Fire, and many others ad nauseam. However, they all are Internet-based which can pose complications at times and implies a degree of insecurity. Glassbead Software addresses these concerns with their network messaging software, SnapTalk.

The chatting features of the software work about as one would expect given experience with any online messaging software, including incoming message chimes (which happen to be customizable), chat archiving features, and auto-replies. Also, file transfers are supported. A file is simply attached to the next outgoing message, a much more elegant solution than has been implemented in most chat software. One nice twist is that you can dynamically include and exclude any available users in your current conversation by way of selecting their name from the list of available users.

There are other unique features that make SnapTalk a logical choice for use in an office. Most important is that the software can function in the background allowing the user to actually get some work done. While in the background, the application will notify the user of any incoming messages and allow them to ignore the message, respond in full, or respond from a list of user-defined QuickReplies, a very convenient feature. Another important feature for business use is that all conversations in SnapTalk are encrypted meaning important and confidential conversations can take place without worries about snoops.

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