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Issue 2.1



Issue: 2.1 (August/September 2003)
Author: Greg Fiumara
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Article Number: 2102
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Integration is the latest developer buzz since Cocoa, at least it seems that way with the release of Apple's iLife. All four of the applications (iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD) are interconnected so that one application can access data from the other. Integration is nothing new to the Mac, as with the release of Mac OS X v. 10.2, the Address Book application's data could be accessed from any application. Apple iSync provides for a way to synchronize the information from Address Book and Apple iCal to various digital devices. Countless applications allow Internet integration and importation of competitor product formats. Web browsers provide "auto-fill" features. Now, with iTunesLibraryParser 1.0, a new set of classes from DynamAPP, REALbasic developers are one step closer to iTunes integration in their own projects.

iTunesLibraryParser is compatible with REALbasic versions 4.5 and up, but not without some changes. To run the project under REALbasic 5, one must make some variable name changes. This is because some of the variable names iTunesLibraryParser uses are reserved words in REALbasic 5. The project runs without a problem under REALbasic 4.5.

The process iTunesLibraryParser uses to integrate with iTunes is very simple. iTunesLibraryParser uses Amar Sagoo's XML Toolkit to parse the iTunes Music Library.xml file (located in ~/Music/iTunes/). The next step is to decode the encoded URL reference to each audio file. This step uses the URLCodec plugin from Taaki Mizuno. However, the enitire routine is lengthy. For example, a 560 KB XML file with 409 songs required 1:07 minutes to parse when the example was compiled with REALbasic 5. The process was much longer when using REALbasic 4.5. DynamAPP recognizes this in the well-written documentation file included in the free download. There are other helpful items contained in the documentation, such as a reference guide for all events, methods, and properties included in the classes as well as a "how to" section. In addition to detailed documentation, iTunesLibraryParser comes with a completely commented example project.

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