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Issue 2.1


Playing with the Technorati API

Analyzing the API and determining the requirements

Issue: 2.1 (August/September 2003)
Author: Didier Barbas
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RB 5 brought its slew of new features, albeit with a few bugs along the way. One of the most interesting new features(after the Operator_ keyword, of course!) is the variety of TCPSockets now available to the user. While trying to decide what to select as a new topic for this column, I was playing online with Technorati's Cosmos. It appeared that an API had been made available, and as soon as the announcement was made, a few fellows started issuing wrappers for Python, Java, and so on. I thought it would be a neat trick to do something similar for RB: provide a class or two to transparently manage Cosmos queries. Beyond the obvious benefits of learning how to use HTTPSockets, dictionaries, and a few other neat tricks, I thought that looking into the process of formalizing an API into another language would make interesting reading. Let's see.

Analyzing the API and determining the requirements

We should first look into the API and determine what is needed. The Technorati API has three calls: Cosmos, Bloginfo and Outbound Blogs. This article will deal with Cosmos, the two others being fairly similar in terms of implementation.

The Cosmos call is defined as follows (see http://www.sifry.com/alerts/archives/000288.html):

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