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Issue 3.1


From Scratch: Puzzles & Solutions

Issue: 3.1 (September/October 2004)
Author: William Leshner
Author Bio: William Leshner has been programming for twenty-five years and programming Macs for fifteen. He has spent a good deal of the last several years building REALbasic applications, utilities, and plugins, including KidzMail, KidzLog, and SQLitePluginPro.
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This is the fourth of six articles in which we are building a puzzle game called TanGram. As you may recall from the previous articles, Tangram is a game where players drag around polygonal shapes and arrange them to make pictures. As a challenge, players are presented with pre-created pictures that they must recreate, and players can also save their own pictures to challenge their friends.

In this article we will work on the puzzles and solutions features of TanGram. The idea is to present puzzles to the player in a small area next to the main playing area. A puzzle is a small, black colored version of a TanGram picture in which the individual pieces are indistinguishable. The player is supposed to recreate the puzzle in the main playing area using the large blue pieces. A "Show Answer" button is provided to reveal the solution (by outlining each piece of the picture). A "Next Puzzle" button shows the next puzzle in the series of puzzles. Let's get started.

The Plan

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