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Issue 4.3


RSS Reader

The next RSS reader from start to finish

Issue: 4.3 (January/February 2006)
Author: Will Leshner
Author Bio: Will Leshner is a Software Engineer who has spent a good deal of the last several years building REALbasic applications, utilities, and plugins. Check out his REALbasic weblog at http://www.rbgazette.com/.
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This is the third of six articles in which we are creating an RSS Reader in REALbasic. In the previous article we designed the UI for the reader. We also implemented fetching an RSS feed, parsing the XML we get back, and populating both the feed ListBox and the headlines ListBox from the parsed XML. In this article we will learn how to display individual feed items using an HTMLViewer control.

If possible, I encourage you to download the project that accompanies this article and use it as a reference as you read along. Things will make more sense if you are able to put it all into context.

One Step Back

Before we can move forward with RSS Reader, we need to take an unfortunate step backwards. If you compare the project that accompanies this article with those that accompanied the first two articles, you will find that things have changed. It turns out that the ContainerControl, which I had been relying on for certain functionality (pane splitters, for example), is only available in the Professional version of REALbasic. I like to keep From Scratch accessible to both Standard and Professional users, so I feel the need to apologize to those Standard users who have been unable to run the previous two versions of RSS Reader. The version that accompanies this article has been rewritten in order to remove ContainerControl.

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