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Issue 5.2



Issue: 5.2 (January/February 2007)
Author: Shirt Pocket Software
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Article Number: 5203
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Every programmer learns, either the hard way (something bad happens to your computer) or the easy way (something bad happens to friend's computer), that backing up data is a vital part of the job. There are many backup utilities available but it's a simple fact that none of them will help until they are actually opened.

One of the more recent entries into the backup utility field has been written with the idea that if you make backing up easy to do, more people will do it. ShirtPocket's SuperDuper! provides an interface that is so simple that including a user manual would be downright silly and unnecessary.

SuperDuper!'s primary strength in this regard is its "What's going to happen?" information field: based on selections from the very simple popup menus at the top of its main window, this area describes very clearly what will happen when the user clicks the "Copy Now" button. The descriptive text substitutes in the names of disks so it is absolutely clear what will take place when the job is started.

Beneath the immediate interface lies a wealth of power, even in the free version of the program. The user can select to repair permissions on the drive about to be backed up, and many different types of backups are available: copying only user files, copying only updated files, completely erasing the target drive before copying, running scripts before and/or after the backup, putting the computer to sleep or shutting it down after the backup, or even rebooting from a different drive.

SuperDuper! can be set to operate on a particular schedule, and the scheduling window is as easy to use as the main backup window -- it even includes its own "What's going to happen?" information box.

The program's functionality is nothing short of wonderful, but its the polish that really makes it shine. Undertaking any task -- even updating the program itself after a new version is released -- results in a simple list of sub-tasks, each of which is highlighted and checked off as the process progresses. The program makes use of smooth resizing to flow between states and is an absolute pleasure to use.

End of article.