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Issue 6.1


TaskTime 4.3.7

Issue: 6.1 (November/December 2007)
Author: Dave Mancuso
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TaskTime helps you track the time spent on jobs for clients. But it's more than that. It's a full-featured client, job, and project tracking system, featuring integration with Mail and Entourage.

TaskTime's interface is logical and consistent. It wasn't hard to figure out, even though the information managed is complex. Things were intuitive, and most actions were just a click away. In fact, most actions were readily apparent in each appropriate application window.

It was nice to have the initial "First Time Instructions" window. As I started the program for the first time, this window explained how to set up clients and projects. It provides a great way to help users slide into TaskTime. More applications should try this concept. Once in the application, it was great to find a fleshed out Help system. It's obvious that time was taken with this.

I didn't have to create clients from scratch for TaskTime. I could import them from Entourage or Address Book. It was nice to be able to look at my contacts and choose which ones to import into TaskTime. Again, very thoughtful. I set up a few test projects. I tracked time spent on jobs, created invoices, printed them, saved them as pdfs, and even emailed them directly from TaskTime using Mail and Entourage (it's a preference setting in the application). Really--it's all here.

There's a lot to like about TaskTime. The help system is nice. The invoice feature is nice, and the invoices created look great as well with the option to include my business logo/letterhead. The email feature is great. While it would be nice to include more email programs, supporting Entourage and Mail will cover most users. It's nice to be able to export invoices to pdf for archived retrieval. Even better is TaskTime's ability to export project information to tab separated, comma separated, or Tasktime formats.

It's hard to find things that need to be improved with TaskTime. Frankly, I just look forward to the continued maturation of the product. Perhaps the developer could integrate (or meta-integrate) some of the windows a bit. The separate windows could create a cluttered feel. This isn't really an issue, but it's the only thing I could dredge up that could possibly be improved in the next version. It might also be nice to set a reminder for a recurring set period of time if you've forgotten to stop the clock on a job. While you can edit the time on a job, a reminder might also serve as notification to take a break.

TaskTime on the whole is a very useful application. It's well worth $20, and in fact is under-priced for its capabilities. I would urge ToThePoint to bump the price (and the dirt cheap upgrade price) up a bit for the next version. Anyone using this program will get their money from it with their first project.

End of article.