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Issue 6.3


Subversion Version Control

Using Subversion and REALbasic for version control

Issue: 6.3 (March/April 2008)
Author: Dave Addey
Author Bio: Dave has been working with REALbasic for over 7 years now, and is the creator of DJ-1800 (www.dj1800.com), a professional DJ software system created entirely in REALbasic. He is a regular contributor to the REALbasic and Mac technical communities, and is the author of the This Much I Know blog (www.thismuchiknow.co.uk).
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Recent versions of REALbasic contain a new "Version Control Project" format. This saves the project as a whole bunch of text files. With these files, you can use a version control system such as Subversion (SVN, http://subversion.tigris.org/) to manage changes in your REALbasic project. This article shows you how to set up Subversion on Mac OS X, create a repository for your project, and check in changes made within REALbasic.

This article assumes that you want to work with a local, file-based Subversion repository. I haven't yet experimented with multi-user check in/out using Subversion and REALbasic, but the same principles below should work for multiple users.

Start by downloading Martin Ott's Subversion installer for Mac OS X (http://www.codingmonkeys.de/mbo/). For the purposes of this article I'm using Martin's Subversion 1.4.3 package (http://www.codingmonkeys.de/mbo/Subversion-1.4.3.pkg.zip). Many thanks to Martin for making such an easy installer available for Subversion!

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