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Issue 1.6



Issue: 1.6 (June/July 2003)
Author: Brian Jones
Article Description: No description available.
Article Length (in bytes): 3,620
Starting Page Number: 10
Article Number: 1607
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iClip from inventive is a multiple-clipboard replacement tool. Its window holds a collection of imagewells that can be used both through copy-and-pasting or drag-and-dropping. The imagewells can accept both text and image data, and the data stays there until cleared. When needed, the user goes to the iClip floating window and selects the appropriate data and copies or drags it as usual. There are have been other multiple-clipboard utilities, but iClip is the first to provide the kind of extra functionality that makes it the kind of application that you&ll want to keep around.

iClip&s interface allows users to access all of the expected functionality with ease. Imagewells accept drag-and-drop data, and three buttons associated with each imagewell are used to copy, paste, and clear. The iClip window floats globally, making it always easy to find; however, it can be collapsed to the size of a postage stamp, so that it&s never in the way. There are preferences to select whether your window orientation will be vertical or horizontal, and to choose from between three imagewell sizes. These settings are a bit limited, but should be generally adequate to allow most users to include iClip in their usual working layout without too much confusion. All of the standard features work well and precisely as you would expect them to.

iClip also has a new feature that won&t be found with other similar utilities: clipping sets. These sets are defined by name and by the number of clippings they can save. The contents of the clippings wells persist from one session of iClip to another, so clippings sets can be saved that house standard, oft-used information. For example, one clipping set could hold pieces of personal information like an address or a signature or a frequently used logo or picture. It is the inclusion of these multiple clipping sets that expands the functionality of iClip to a useful tool.

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