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The March/April (15.2) issue of xDev Magazine is now available!

Here's a quick preview of what's inside!

PopupMenu Magic Show by Sam Rowlands
How to get the most out of Xojo’s PopupMenu control.

Inside Xojo by Christian Schmitz
A deep look at several under-used Xojo features: delegates, WebFile, and WebPicture.

Camera Viewer by Marc Zeedar
Marc builds a desktop app to get a live snapshot of his IP cameras.

A Window To Data by JC Cruz
Building a window view for data is complex, so JC shows how he does it for his health data application.

Plus: Paul explains implicit instances and he has a tip for Windows users, Scott writes about XFS, Craig continues his talk on MDM, Marc reviews Apple's AirPods, and much more!

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Year 15
Issue 15.2 ("Power Tricks") Issue 15.1 ("Xojo Pi Lab")
Year 14
Issue 14.6 ("XDC 2016") Issue 14.5 ("Keyboard Shortcuts") Issue 14.4 ("NSTableView")
Issue 14.3 ("Sunroom") Issue 14.2 ("Cocoa Fonts") Issue 14.1 ("Barcodes")
Year 13
Issue 13.6 ("Stay Out of Jail") Issue 13.5 ("Text Messaging") Issue 13.4 ("El Capitan")
Issue 13.3 ("XDC 2015") Issue 13.2 ("Control Animation") Issue 13.1 ("iOS First Look")
Year 12
Issue 12.6 ("Cheap Web App Hosting") Issue 12.5 ("Yosemite") Issue 12.4 ("Game Center")
Issue 12.3 ("XDC 2014") Issue 12.2 ("Inefficiencies") Issue 12.1 ("Smart Localization")
Year 11
Issue 11.6 ("Apple About Box") Issue 11.5 ("Weeds") Issue 11.4 ("Blackjack")
Issue 11.3 ("XDC") Issue 11.2 ("PDF") Issue 11.1 ("PDF")
Year 10
Issue 10.6 ("Retina") Issue 10.5 ("Real World 2012") Issue 10.4 ("Extreme Programming")
Issue 10.3 ("Hashes") Issue 10.2 ("Assumption Approach") Issue 10.1 ("Reporting")

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Latest Xojo Headlines

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March 28, 2017
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Xojo 2017 Release 1 Now Available
Xojo, Inc. just released their latest update to Xojo: Xojo 2017 Release 1 is now available! This update adds more than 230 improvements, with a major focus on debugging, including 64-bit debugging and Raspberry Pi Remote Debugging. Xojo 2017 Releas... [More]
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Xojo 2017 Release 1
The road to 64-bit took another step forward today with the release of Xojo 2017 R1.  This important release let’s you do 64-bit Remote Debugging for some targets with some important caveats.  It also adds the ability to Remote Debug … Continue... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
German FileMaker Conference in Salzburg, Austria
Die Anmeldung für die FileMaker Konferenz 2017 startet heute. Vom 12. bis 14. Oktober 2017 treffen sich wieder ca. 200 Teilnehmer im Pitter in Salzburg. Bitte bald anmelden um ein Ticket zu bekommen. Die Konferenzticket und die Zimmer im Ho... [More]
March 25, 2017
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Amazon S3 and other services in Xojo and FileMaker
The last weeks I worked on integrating Amazon S3 for a client. Normally using any web services is not much work as our CURL functions in the plugin handle the transfer thing with authentication and encryption. But for Amazon's web services, some ext... [More]
March 19, 2017
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Windows Notifications
Another thing we have in the plugins are functions to catch system notifications. So you can listen for all the global windows messages sent to all applications like display, time zone, device changes or many others. Of course you can also send y... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
CURL conference
This weekend I participated in the CURL conference in Nuremberg. It’s great to finally meet the people behind CURL and learn bow all came together and what direction they want to go. We had over a dozen interesting presentations and I learnt a lot ... [More]
March 14, 2017
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
MBS FileMaker Plugin 7.1 - Über 4400 Funktionen in einem Plugin
14. März 2017 - Monkeybread Software veröffentlicht heute das MBS Plugin für FileMaker in Version 7.1, mit inzwischen über 4400 Funktionen eines der größten FileMaker Plugins überhaupt. Hier einige der Neuerungen: Zum Abspielen von Audio am Mac hab... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
MBS FileMaker Plugin 7.1 - More than 4400 Functions In One Plugin
Nickenich, Germany - (March 14th, 2017) -- MonkeyBread Software today is pleased to announce MBS FileMaker Plugin 7.1 for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, the latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin currently available for... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
MonkeyBread Software Releases the MBS Xojo Plugins in version 17.1
NICKENICH, Germany (March 14th, 2017) -- Monkeybread Software releases version 17.1 of the MBS plug-in for Xojo and Real Studio. The MBS plug-in comprises a collection of several plug-in parts which extend the Xojo (Real Studio) development environ... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Stammtisch in Nürnberg
On my next visit to Nuremberg, I'd love to make another FileMaker and Xojo developer meeting: Wer hat Interesse an einem Xojo und FileMaker Entwicklertreffen am 17. März 2017 in Nürnberg? Einfach gemütlich zusammen sitzen und über Xojo und... [More]
March 09, 2017
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
MBS Xojo Plugins, version 17.1pr5
New in this prerelease of the 17.1 plugins: Added NSPopUpButtonCellMBS and NSMenuItemCellMBS classes. Fixed bug in email parsing with getting plaintext from html only emails. Skips CSS Styles. Fixed bug in EmailParser.HTMLToPlainText. Added NSSortD... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
MBS FileMaker Plugin, version 7.1pr5
New in this prerelease of the 7.1 MBS FileMaker Plugin: Rewrote Audit caching to avoid slow SQL JOIN queries in FileMaker. Added new mode Note and Stop for Dialogs on Mac. Fixed bug in email parsing with getting plaintext from html only emails. Ski... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Xojo Stammtisch in Hamburg
On my next visit to Hamburg, I'd love to make another Xojo developer meeting: Wer hat Interesse an einem Xojo Entwicklertreffen am 7. April 2017 in Hamburg? Einfach gemütlich zusammen sitzen und über Xojo schnacken. Gerne zeige ich auch n... [More]
March 08, 2017
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Reminder for Xojo and FileMaker events in Netherlands
In the next days I visit Netherlands. We have two events:Xojo Developer meeting in Utrecht, 10th March 2017.MBS FileMaker Plugin training day in Utrecht, 11th March 2017. If you want to join the Xojo meeting, let me know. For the FileMaker meeting y... [More]
March 07, 2017
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Recharging the Battery
One of the ‘joys’ of having my own business is that I’m always on-call and there are times I’m answering emails on a Saturday night.  Most of the time, it’s no big deal but it can become exhausting without a break.  … Continue reading →... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
FileMaker Cloud with MBS Plugin
FileMaker Inc. announced their new FileMaker Cloud version One of the enhancements are new amazon regions including Frankfurt and Ireland for us in Europe. If you need a FileMaker Server in Europe, you can now use the Cloud, too. In your... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Creating PDF/A in FileMaker with ZUGFeRD standard
Several FileMaker developers now use MBS FileMaker Plugin to create their invoices in ZUGFeRD standard. That's a data exchange format defined here in Germany, but other countries have similar formats. Basically we have a PDF in PDF/A 3b f... [More]
February 24, 2017
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Grateful for the Xojo IDE
I use Xojo every day and it’s almost my exclusive development tool.  I’m so close to the product it is easy to see the warts of the product but in reality it’s a pretty stable and easy-to-use system that’s mostly … Continue reading →... [More]
February 02, 2017
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Remote Debugging Enhancement Idea
Remote Debugging in Xojo is perhaps one of my favorite features in Xojo because it lets me work in the environment of my choice (macOS) and run it on any Windows, Linux, or even another Mac on my network, or … Continue reading →... [More]
January 09, 2017
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Consulting Red Flags
The one absolute truth about consulting is that if you’re not working you’re not making any money.  The corollary to this truth is that you are either 100% busy or 100% not busy.  This is especially true if you are … Continue reading →... [More]
December 29, 2016
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
MBS Xojo Developer Conference 2017
Xojo isn’t having their annual conference as they’ve decided to switch back to spring events. Since they last did one in October of 2016 they are not doing one in 2017. It makes me sad that I won’t see my … Continue reading →... [More]
December 28, 2016
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
BKS Shorts 1.8.0
BKeeney Software has released version 1.8 of our reporting classes and tool for Xojo. Thanks for using BKS Shorts, the premier reporting tool for Xojo projects. We appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received over the course of the year. ̷... [More]
December 22, 2016
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Windows Printing Broken in Xojo R4
We’ve done a lot more testing with Shorts and R4.1 this week.  Wow.  Where to begin.  I guess the first thing to say is if you need to print in Windows stick with Xojo Release 3 for now.  R4, with … Continue reading →... [More]
December 12, 2016
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Xojo 2016 R4.1
Xojo 2016 R4.1 was released today.  The 4.1 release mostly contains Windows fixes related to the switch in drawing engines.  Gone is GDI Plus and Direct2D is now used instead. GDI Plus wasn’t only deprecated but removed so that is a … Continue ... [More]
December 06, 2016
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Xojo 2016 R4 (The Xojo IDE I Always Needed)
Xojo 2016 Release 4 hit the web today.  In many respects this is the IDE that I wish had been released three and a half years ago as a few of the more insidious features bugs have been fixed.  And, … Continue reading →... [More]

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