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Issue 1.1


Stimulus 2.0

Issue: 1.1 (August/September 2002)
Author: Greg Fiumara
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Article Number: 1022
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If you think the tools that the REALbasic environment gives you to work with digital media are too few, think again. Stimulus 2.0, Electric Butterfly's image viewer and audio/video player, is out.

Stimulus is an all-in-one digital media viewer. If you are tired of switching through tons of applications to view your media files (Photoshop for your pictures, iTunes for your MP3's and iPod, QuickTime Player for your videos), Stimulus is for you. This version of Stimulus has many new features, including the ability to play back from your iPod. (Didn't know you could do that with REALbasic did you?) Stimulus supports over fifteen file formats, from Audio CD to WAVE, and still more formats are planned for inclusion in the 3.0 release of the software.

Stimulus has a built-in help system, which is more or less a simple emulation of the Language Reference built into REALbasic. The help demonstrates a good way to use HTML rendering in your application. (A development tool by the same company, called UniHelp, powers the rendering.) This application also takes advantage of the famous CD Control by Toby Rush, which powers its Audio CD playback.

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