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Issue 1.2



Issue: 1.2 (October/November 2002)
Author: Jim Rodovich
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Article Number: 1102
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The EditField control is an important part of REALbasic programs of all types. It should come as no surprise then, that different features of the EditField are used in different programs. It should also come as no surprise that many people need certain advanced text-editing features that aren't supported by REALbasic's EditField, and thus find it unsuited for their task.

Recently, the REALbasic EditField was rewritten in order to add support for features such as text alignment and horizontal scrolling. However, this also introduced a variety of quirks and glitches. While some view these new problems as minor and forgivable, others may turn to the more advanced capabilities of a plugin called WASTEfield.

WASTEfield allows REALbasic programmers to take advantage of WASTE, the same text engine used in such applications as AOL Instant Messenger and Outlook Express. Like REALbasic's Editfield, WASTEfield supports multiple fonts, sizes, styles, and colors. It also supports features of the rewritten EditField such as paragraph alignment, and many features that REALbasic's control still does not support. Programs can have images within text fields, as well as struck-out text, indentation, and vertical line spacing. WASTEfield also boasts a nice find function with options such as case sensitivity to locate text within your field.

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