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Issue 1.5


Welcome to the REALbasic Developer Magazine Beginner's Corner!

Issue: 1.5 (April/May 2003)
Author: Thomas J. Cunningham
Author Bio: Thomas is a hobbyist programmer and enjoys sharing the RB loving with others... His online RB Beginner tutorial has had over 17,000 hits!
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As promised, this month's column will continue with basic drawing concepts in RB. Last month we discussed pixels, resolution, color depth, and we explored a few methods of the Graphics class.

Graphics As A Layer

When I first started using RB, I wanted to be able to draw things using my computer. Sounds easy, but drawing to a computer can be a bit confusing, so let me introduce a concept that helped me get over the hump with drawing in RB: a bit of semantics. Remember that we are discussing the Graphics class.

When we speak of a graphics property, it is usefule to substitute the word "layer" for the word "property." We draw things to a graphics layer. Think of this layer as a thin sheet of clear plastic. Some classes come with this plastic sheet. A window, for example, has a graphics layer: our thin sheet of plastic to which we can draw. Most classes do not have a graphics property that we can use. A StaticText class, for example, does not have a graphics property (well, it does, since it is drawn to our screen, but RB does not give us access to its property).

Okay, so some classes have a graphics layer where we can do some drawing. In addition, if a class has a graphics layer, it also has a Paint Event associated with it. Remember, RB is an event-driven environment, so we need to balance our understanding between both classes and the events it responds to.

Paint Event

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