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Issue 10.1 ('Reporting')
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Writings 1.2 for iPad

Issue: 10.1 (November/December 2011)
Author: Geoffrey Rabe
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Much of the review for Writings is included in the Pros and Cons listed above, which suffices, as it really is a simple, yet powerful enough program. However, there are a few other points I'd like to make.

First of all, this review was written using this app (see picture). And though the text was written in XML, using a template, it really could be used to write just about anything—notes or ideas for all sorts of things: poems or song ideas; outlines for stories, articles, theses, etc; basically anything you'd like to make or keep notes for, which you can then upload to your DropBox. After that, when you upload your files, they automatically go into a directory called Writings. In addition, you can set-up nested directories, such as Writings/Novel/Prologue, .../Chapter1, .../Chapter2, etc.

Secondly, you may notice small graphics in each corner of the screen in Figure 1. Clicking on any of these graphics will expand a menu in whichever corner you clicked, and will display the options associated with that 'menu.' Some options you're given are to sync your file with your DropBox; set up the preferences for the app; etc.

If you have writing of any kind that you need to do, but don't need to worry so much about formatting (at least initially), with this app you can get your thoughts down, upload them to DropBox, then download them from DropBox to your computer where you can then use a word-processor to more fully format your writings as you see fit. I think you'll find Writings a terrific application.

End of article.