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News and Notes

What's happening in the database-world

Issue: 10.2 (January/February 2012)
Author: Paul Lefebvre
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We have a few news items to catch up on this month.


Version 4.2 of CubeSQL was released at the end of October. This release has a few bug fixes, performance improvements and other tweaks. The fixes are all great, but for me the best change is that the CubeSQL plugin can now also connect to older REAL Server databases. This is important because the old REALSQLServer plugin was not Cocoa compatible. But even more useful, it gives you an easier way to migrate your code from REALSQLServer to CubeSQL. You simple set useRealServer = True on your CubeSQLServer database instance when connecting to the older database server.

Also, SQLabs has made a freeware version of CubeSQL available. You can now use CubeSQL with up to three concurrent connects for free. For a full-blown app with lots of users, three connections won't be nearly enough. But if you are creating a web app that is mostly using a database as a read-only way to display information, you really only need to use one connection (shared amongst all that connect to your web app). You could then use another connection for an administration panel to add or remove information in the database.

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