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Issue 10.5 ('Real World 2012')
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Issue: 10.5 (July/August 2012)
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Omegabundle 2012 for Real Studio

A year and a half ago the first Omegabundle was launched to smash success, featuring $3,000 worth of development tools for over 80% off their normal cost. Fans were ecstatic at the unprecedented deal.

Now Omegabundle is back and better than ever. This year the ante has been upped to a value of close to $4,000 of software and developer resources for a whopping 89% off the normal price. Basically the cost of just one or two tools from this package gets you all the other tools for free!

This year's Omegabundle features products such as Arbed, the advanced editor for Real Studio; Elastic Window, which elegantly resizes windows in your applications; Franklin 3D, a professional cross-platform 3D engine; the MBS Complete plugins, which add 41,000 features to Real Studio; MBS DynaPDF Starter, to let you build apps with powerful PDF functions; Real Studio Developer Magazine's Ultimate PDF package of all back issues plus a one-year subscription; Thomas Tempelmann's Zip Package, which adds Zip compression to Real Studio; Valentina Office Server, advanced database and reporting for enterprise; Valentina Reports, for database reporting for Mac, Windows, and Linux; and Valentina Studio Pro, the ultimate DB management and reports designer for MySQL, SQLite, and more.

All the included software packages are the full versions with full upgrade support. More items may be added to the bundle after presstime, so go to the Omegabundle website for the latest details or for more information on any of these products.

The 2012 Omegabundle for Real Studio launches July 4, 2012 for a very limited time.

Product: Omegabundle 2012 for Real Studio

Platforms: All

Price: $399

Website: http://www.omegabundle.com

Formatted Text Control 66% off Sale

True North Software has announced a 66% off sale for the Formatted Text Control (FTC). The FTC normally sells for $150, but for a limited time you can get it for just $49.99. This is extraordinary software at an extraordinary price! The sale ends July 15th.

The FTC is a canvas-based control for Real Studio that allows you to instantly add word processing capabilities to your applications. The FTC features the following capabilities.

- Four display modes including page, normal, edit, and single line

- RTF support including picture support

- A full range of paragraph and character styles

- Picture and chart support

- Custom object support for adding application specific items

- Built in undo management

- Many customization options to adapt the FTC to your application

- Highly optimized code written in REAL Studio for maximum flexibility

Product: Formatted Text Control

Platforms: All

Price: $49.99 until July 15, 2012 ($150 normally)

Website: http://www.truenorthsoftware.com/realstudio/formattedtextcontrol/

OneDock (Early Bird Special)

Lomation is pleased to announce the general availability of OneDock. OneDock is a revolutionary companion app for Apple's dock. Unlike Apple's dock, users are not limited to just one dock. With OneDock's interactive, wheel-based design, users can create as many docks (categories) as they want and populate those docks with practically anything -- not just apps and folders. OneDock helps keep users organized.

User Benefits: With OneDock, users no longer need to be concerned about the limited space of Apple's dock. OneDock's revolutionary wheel docking system allows users to create as many docks (categories) as they want, while using as little screen space as possible. OneDock's smart dock gives users the ability to stay organized and free up Apple's dock for other needs.

OneDock includes the following features:

* Create as many docks as needed

* Drag items to the dock, including text clippings

* Scroll up or down to spin the dock

* Easy access to all docks via right-click

* Lives on all virtual desktop

* Support for external monitors

* Ability to automatically minimize the dock and text

* Hides in lower layers until needed

* More...

Product: OneDock

Platforms: OSX

Price: $2.99 until July 15, 2012 (regularly $5.99)

Website: http://www.lomation.com/onedock

TheBigUndo Public Beta

piDog Software is pleased to announce a beta version of a new module, TheBigUndo. TheBigUndo is a RealStudio module to provide undo and redo functions to Real Studio apps on all three desktop platforms. Volunteers who provide feedback during the Beta will get a 50% discount if they decide to buy.

Product: TheBigUndo

Platforms: All

Price: N/A

Website: http://www.pidog.com/TheBigUndo/TheBigUndoDemoBeta1.zip

MBS Plugins 12.2

Monkeybread Software releases version 12.2 of the MBS plug-in for Real Studio. The MBS plug-in comprises a collection of several plug-in parts which extend the Real Studio development environment with 1,500 classes featuring over 41,000 documented functions. The plugins support all three platforms Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux with all project types desktop, Web, and console. Some of the highlights on the 12.2 update:

* With the new VLC Plugin part, you can now use the VLC libraries from the famous VLC application and play video with them. This gives you nice cross platform video playback on Mac, Windows and Linux. Also you can use it to create thumbnails or extract frames.

* For Windows MBS added a class WinUSBMBS to talk to the winusb.dll in order to control USB devices. For HID devices, you can still use WinHIDMBS class, but the new USB class is more general for any kind of device.

* Improved our security related functions and added new SHA-512 class.

* For Mac there are more Cocoa controls like date picker and level indicator. Also improved the NSGraphicsMBS class.

* New functions on the htmlviewer help to query current html code when you turn htmlviewer into editable mode. Users can change a html document there like in an editor and you receive modified html code. Added support functions to apply CSS style and insert text.

* Finally DynaPDF has been updated to version and libXL to version 3.2.4. See the release notes (http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/realbasic/newinversion122.shtml) for a complete list of changes.

Product: MBS plugins for Real Studio

Platforms: All

Price: 20 Euro (single component); 199 Euro (complete set)

Website: http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/realbasic/plugins.shtml

Studio Stable Graphics is Ready

The first release of Studio Stable Graphics (SSG) is ready. It's a Real Studio plugin that adds methods for resizing and rotating pictures, with high quality, cross platform consistent results. SSG is an adaptation of Hutchings Software's 10 year old Component X Graphics plugin to Web Edition applications and the new alpha channel picture format introduced in Real Studio 2011r4.

Hutchings Software is using this in their own projects, and are happy to make it available to the Real Studio community. You can develop your app using the free trial version.

Product: Studio Stable Graphics

Platforms: All

Price: $49.95

Website: http://www.studiostable.com/graphics

Attached Window

Attached Window makes windows similar to Matt Gemmels "Attached Windows" (http://mattgemmell.com/2007/10/03/maattachedwindow-nswindow-subclass/). This class is based on the project EasyOverlayWindow from Monkeybread Software. Using the window:

- Add the 4 classes to your project.

- Add a property with the super "AttachedWindow" to the window you want to show the help for.

- In mouse enter make a new window. Properties are the direction (top, bottom, left and right), the text, and left and top where the window should appear

- In mouse exit hide the window

- The window can resize itself.

Product: Attached Window

Platforms: OSX

Price: Free

Website: http://www.mothsoftware.com/content/download-some-realbasic-related-stuff

RegExRX 1.6 with Better Real Studio Support

RegExRX is a regular expression development app and among its new features is better support for copying a pattern to Real Studio and pasting it back in. You can use the menu command to Copy Pattern As Real Studio (REALbasic) Code and paste directly into your app. What's new is that you can then highlight and copy the pattern, including quotes, EndOfLine, etc., and paste it back into RegExRX using the new Paste Pattern From Real Studio option and it will properly interpret it. This makes going back and forth between your code and RegExRX a snap.

There is also new support for 4D and JavaScript, a similar code-interpreter for AppleScript (Mac-only, of course), and better support for mode switches at the start of the pattern. For example, if you start the pattern with "(?i)", the Case Sensitive option under the Options menu will be dimmed and unchecked to indicate that you've overridden that option in your pattern. There's also colorization support for every PCRE token, even the really useless ones.

Product: RegExRX 1.6

Platforms: OSX / WIN

Price: $4.99

Website: http://www.mactechnologies.com/index.php?page=downloads#regexrx

Visual Foxpro to Real Studio Converter

Cully Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the Visual Foxpro to Real Studio Converter, version 0.2beta. The converter converts Visual Foxpro forms and their controls into Real Studio version control format. Currently, the converter doesn't convert the code behind the controls but it does honor the control names, and most of the layout.

The Real Studio project now properly identifies the forms as belonging to the project. More controls are converted such as the Option Groups and Image Controls. The method code for the forms and command buttons are converted into the Real Studio Windows, but are commented out. This should make it so you can manually convert your code into RealBasic. The source code for the converter is free and available for download for compiling in Visual Foxpro 9.

Product: Visual Foxpro to Real Studio Converter

Platforms: WIN

Price: Free

Website: http://cully.biz/2012/03/05/visual-foxpro-to-real-studio-converter-0-1beta/

Movie Draft

Thanks to the beauty of Real Studio's cross-compilation, Movie Draft screenplay software is now available for Windows (and outside of the Mac App Store for Mac users who'd prefer that).

Product: Movie Draft

Platforms: OSX / WIN

Price: $29.99

Website: http://www.moviedraft.com/us/download/

fp Plugin 5.1

fp Plugin 5.1 corrects a bug in fpLnFactorial which limited precision, and gives a better output precision to fpBigFactorial. Using Bob Delaney's fp multi-precision engine, fp Plugin for Real Studio adds three new data types: BigInteger, BigFloat, and BigComplex. Except for available memory, there is no limitation on the size of a BigInteger. So you can multiply a 100 digit integer by another 100 digit integer giving the exact 200 digit integer. BigFloat is a multi—precision floating point number. You can set both the internal precision and the decimal output precision for BigFloat, with no limitation except for available memory. It might take awhile, but you can now calculate pi in a REALbasic program to a million decimal places, or more. The power of 10 for BigFloat can range from about -600,000,000 to +600,000,000 as compared to -308 to +308 for a Double. BigComplex is composed of two BigFloats, so it uses BigFloat precision. fp Plugin itself allows you to construct programs which can handle the three data types much like doubles and integers are handled. To a large extent the plugin's data types can be freely used with the +, -, *, and / operators, and can be used in comparisons. And most of REALbasic's functions have been overloaded to take the plugin's data types, where it makes sense to do so.

Product: fp Plugin 5.1

Platforms: All

Price: Free

Website: http://homepage.mac.com/delaneyrm/fpPlugin.html

Custom Hosting For Real Studio Web Edition

QuickStartSoftware.com is pleased to announce custom hosting for Real Studio Web Edition. Our hosting plans come with custom software which allows you to easily deploy, manage, and monitor your web applications on our optimized hosting platform. We've taken a process that once required countless tools and simplified it into one application. This saves the developer time and money by allowing them to focus on making a great web application without having to worry about being a system administrator.

Product: Custom Hosting For Real Studio Web Edition

Price: N/A

Website: http://www.QuickStartSoftware.com/Hosting

K.A.T.T 1.4

KATT is a multimedia novelty app. It is a simple, yet fun program based off a certain car. KATT stands for Knight Advanced Technical Technician. KATT will play media files supported by Quicktime. Some of the visual candy include left and right 30 band visual EQ, power level, Mdometer (odometer), Scroller, Visualizer, and Voice box. KATT will automatically load files from your iTunes library or KATT's own folder. This version: Fixed a minor issue with the play button. Fixed a minor issue with bass and treble sliders. Reduced CPU usage while KATT is idle. Overhauled some graphical functions. Added 10 new visualizer FX Added change visualizer option,which allows KATT to change visualizer FX on each song or stay with currently selected one.

Product: K.A.T.T 1.4

Platforms: OSX

Price: Free

Website: http://erockus.home.mchsi.com//Mac/katt.zip


iSightCameraClass is a Mac only Real Studio module and associated classes that allow you to easily add the ability to view and record movies from the built-in iSight camera on your desktop or laptop. It is built entirely with the QTKit framework that comes with your Mac. It requires that your Real Studio project be set to a Cocoa build, as it will not work for Carbon. OS X 10.5 or greater is required for it to function properly. Tested using RS 2011 R4 on Lion 10.7.2. It's encrypted, but you can license the source code for $30. The design requirement was to keep it simple and make it easy to use for the Mac Real Studio developer.

Product: iSightCameraClass

Platforms: OSX

Price: $30 (for source code)

Website: http://web.me.com/mauitom/Real_Studio_Projects/iSightCamera_Class.html

IP Address TextField

Jon Ogdon has put together a customized text field for creating a properly formatted IP address string. It forces the user to properly format the address and ends up automatically adding periods between the octets when necessary, restricting input where necessary, etc.

Product: IP Address TextField

Platforms: All

Price: Free

Website: http://downloads.justaddsoftware.net/RealStuff


iReminisce is a journal and diary application for individuals who demands simplicity, elegance and power. iReminisce lets users focus on their thoughts while still allowing attachments such as pictures, movies, music and documents with their entries and keeping them close to but away from the writing area. With iReminisce, users will be able to keep good and focused journal/diary entries without having to fight with the graphical user interface. The entire software was designed to make writing entries easy. iReminisce even automatically save everything users do, including keystrokes, so users can continue to write and not be distracted.

* Daily photo journaling so users will be able to see and playback how they look like at any given day in the past.

* Customizable color-coded categories gives users the ability to create their own categories.

* Mood system to let users "indicate" how they felt when they wrote the entry.

* "5 stars" rating system to help users organize the favorite (or least favorite) entries.

* Capability to enter entries to days that were missed (users can even enter entries into the future if they wish).

* Simple method to move entries to different dates.

* Drag and drop attachments to entries, includes a built-in viewer for all attachments, including movies and music.

Product: iReminisce

Platforms: OSX (Lion)

Price: $14.99

Website: http://www.lomation.com/ireminisce.html

UltraUpdater 1.4.0

LogicalVue Software today announced UltraUpdater 1.4.0, the incredibly easy way to add auto-update capability to your Real Studio applications. With UltraUpdater, only 2 lines of code are needed to add auto-update capability to your Real Studio applications. Your applications will be able to check if new versions are available, display a list of changes, and allow the user to download and launch the update.

Product: UltraUpdater 1.4.0

Platforms: All

Price: $19.95 (includes source code)

Website: http://www.rbdevzone.com/ultraupdater/

CodeVue 1.0

LogicalVue Software, Inc. today announces the availability of CodeVue 1.0. CodeVue is a code snippet manager for Real Studio developers. CodeVue Features include:

* Full syntax highlighting for the RealBasic language

* Automatically saves and manages an unlimited amount of scripts

* Support for script notes

* Fully copy/paste capability

* Automatically create new code snippet from clipboard contents.

Product: CodeVue 1.0

Platforms: Mac (via App Store)

Price: $4.99 (current sale price)

Website: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/codevue/id475421955?mt=12

cubeSQL Freeware Edition

QLabs has announced the release of cubeSQL a fully featured and high performance relational database management system built on top of the sqlite database engine. It is the ideal database server for both developers who want to convert a single user database solution to a multiuser project and for companies looking for an affordable, easy to use and easy to maintain database management system. cubeSQL runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and it can be embedded into any iOS and Cocoa application. cubeSQL is incredibly fast, has a small footprint, is highly reliable and it offers some unique features. It can be easily accessed with any JSON client, with PHP, with the native C SDK, with a Windows DLL and with an highly optimized REAL Studio plugin.

Product: cubeSQL 4.2 Freeware Edition

Platforms: All

Price: Free ($299 for commercial version)

Website: http://www.sqlabs.com/

RB Package Maker

RB Package Maker is an application for Real Studio developers who want to prepare their Apps for the Mac App Store. With it's new release 2.0, RB Package maker closes the gap for Cocoa applications. As of November 1st, Apple requires all new apps to be Cocoa compliant. RB Package maker makes the handling of Entitlements a snap. Click the rights needed for your application, and RB Package Maker signs the application bundle with this required entitlements. If your App is already in the Mac AppStore, you need to move support files like databases or data files from 'outside' the sandbox into the sandbox. RB Package Maker supports this as well and helps you to 'sandbox' all files your application needs. The new version supports:

* Code signing

* Sandbox Entitlement keys

* Sandbox Migration of files

* Correction of various data in Real Studio App Bundles (like Icon Name, PKG Name, Version format, PList data etc)

* and finally Packaging.

The 'Sandboxing' part makes RB Package Maker one of the few, if not the only application of this kind, which fully automates the whole process for RB developers. This is all done with a couple of mouse clicks in one or two minutes. To get an idea of how it works, interested customers can watch a two-minute video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIyH_4ruNlY) demonstrating the process. The demo app is partly functional, as the final signing and packaging process is disabled.

Product: RB Package Maker

Platforms: OSX

Price: $18.95

Website: http://www.bluecolin.com/rb/

Advanced Email Sockets Available

Infinity Data Systems is pleased to announce the release of advanced email sockets for Real Studio. A completely native solution, Infinity's sockets are based on four years of development on the MailForge email client. All three sockets, POP3, SMTP and IMAP, all go far beyond the built-in sockets, both in features and performance. Improvements include: - STARTTLS Support - UIDL Support - CRAM-MD5 Authorization (currently requires Einhugur plugins) - Improved Buffering (maintains performance when downloading large emails) - Improved ISP Compatibility. Sockets are available either encryped or open. Because Infinity's primary commercial application is an email client, licensees can be assured of ongoing support, improvements and updates.

Product: Advanced Email Sockets

Platforms: All

Price: Single Socket: $50/$75 (closed/open); All Sockets: $125/$175 (closed/open)

Website: http://infinitydatasystems.com/products/code/

End of article.