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Issue 10.6 ('Retina')
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Being a Consulting Champion

Blood, Sweat, And Tears

Issue: 10.6 (September/October 2012)
Author: Bob Keeney
Author Bio: Bob is the owner of BKeeney Software that provides Real Studio and iOS consulting for clients all over the world. In addition to providing consulting, BKeeney Software provides Real Studio training videos (currently over 35 hours worth) and sells software to consumers and developers alike. He is a founder and former President of the Association of Real Studio Professionals.
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It's that time when the world pays attention to sports on a global scale. The Olympics are a special event where we see the world's best athletes do amazing feats. We are in awe of their power, grace, and their ability to overcome seemingly impossible odds. They make it seem so easy and effortless even though we occasionally glimpse the blood, sweat, and tears they go through to get there.

The media coverage shows us about the hardships that some of the athletes overcame but I don't think they do a good enough job of telling how much hard work and dedication goes into becoming an athlete of that caliber. These athletes, kids actually, half of whom can't even legally drink yet, have dedicated their young lives to being the very best at what they do. Very few of us can say we try to do the same thing in regard to what we do on a regular basis.

Not to pat myself too much on the back, but many people in the Real Studio world consider me to be a 'success' story. I'll give you a few of the 'secrets' of my success. None of which should be very surprising.

My first secret is passion. I love software development. I dream about code at night and wake up in the morning eager to tackle the next problem. If you don't love what you're doing, it's a long road to haul. I spent fifteen years doing electrical engineering work and there were times when going to work was the most awful thing I could think of. Changing careers was the best thing I ever did for myself because I took the one thing I was passionate about (programming) and turned it into a living.

I can't imagine for a second, that Olympic caliber athletes last very long if they don't have passion. It's too much work to train all day, honing your body, to not have a passion for the sport. These athletes know that becoming an Olympic athlete is hard but to become a medal winner is almost impossible.

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