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Issue: 11.1 (January/February 2013)
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Studio Stable Web Essentials Released

Studio Stable Web Essentials is a growing collection of stuff that will make your Web Edition applications simpler and prettier. The highlights of the first release are the the WESegmentedControl and WECheckbox. A quick demo can ve viewed online (http://www.studiostable.com/web-essentials/demonstration).

If you've tried using WebSegmentedControl for page navigation, you know about pain. The WESegmentedControl has several selection modes, including one called "snapback" that's perfect for page navigation. The WECheckbox can display for left and right checkboxes, in colors that will match your interface scheme. The WECheckbox can optionally show radio buttons and automatically handle other buttons in its group. You set the group of a WECheckbox with a simple identifier string in its properties, or leave it blank for regular checkbox behavior.

Introductory pricing is a steal at $29.95. This gets you updates for a year and includes the Studio Stable Graphics plugin. All REALbasic source code is included so you can learn, modify, debug, and play. (Source is not included for the Studio Stable Graphics plugin.)

Product: Studio Stable Web Essentials

Platforms: All

Price: $$29.95 (introductory)

Website: http://www.studiostable.com/web-essentials

Vecite Files Beta Available

Vecite Files (pronounced "Veh-sih-tee Files") is a private cloud solution, made with Real Studio Web Edition, that lets people share files securely.

How do you deliver work-product to clients and customers securely? You want them to know that they should treat it securely, too. You also want them to know that you care about security of work-product. While email, Evernote, and Dropbox are convenient, they aren't secure ways to share sensitive information. Vecite Files is a secure file distribution system on steroids, usable by professionals outside the tech-geek world. For a limited time, there's special beta pricing.

Product: Vecite Files

Platforms: All

Price: $24.95-$64.95/month, depending on plan

Website: http://vecite.com/files

Real Studio 2012 Release 2 is now available

Real Studio 2012 Release 2 includes more than 100 improvements and 7 new features. This release includes:

*30+ OS X Cocoa updates

*20+ Web updates

*10+ Windows updates

*10+ Linux updates

*A new Web Control SDK that allows you to create web controls for use in Real Studio web applications using HTML/CSS/JavaScript. This makes it possible to use JQuery and other web frameworks in Real Studio web apps.

*Faster remote debugging for improved cross-platform support

*A WebCanvas for easily creating graphical, interactive custom controls

*Crypto module (Hashing) with support for MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, HMAC and PBKDF2 for 1-way encryption.

*Web applications can now easily be localized to support multiple languages in exactly the same way you localize desktop applications.

*PostgreSQL SSL support for improved security.

Product: Real Studio 2012 Release 2

Platforms: All

Price: $99-$995

Website: http://www.realsoftware.com/download

Monkeybread plugins 12.5 for Real Studio now available

The Monkeybread Software (MBS) plug-in comprises a collection of several plug-in parts which extend the Real Studio development environment with 1,700 classes featuring over 44,000 documented functions. The plugins support all three platforms Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux with all project types (desktop, web, and console). Some of the highlights of the 12.5 update:

* ChartDirector plugin updated to version 5.1.1, with new functions related to tracking cursors.

* DynaPDF updated to version with a few new classes like DynaPDFEditTextMBS for editing page text. The new function ExtractPageText helps you to query the text of a page easily. And with the DynaPDFPageStatisticMBS you can quickly check if a page has images or vector graphics.

* The new Mac USB class can connect to an USB device on a Mac. For Windows there's the WinUSBMBS class. This way you can read and write data to USB devices cross platform and integrate various devices from your clients.

* The SQL plugin has several new features. First you can connect now to SQL Anywhere Servers in version 10, 11 and 12 from Sybase. The regular SQLDatabaseMBS class now has SQLExecuteMT and SQLSelectMT methods for threaded queries in background. There's also a utility function CloneMBS to create a copy of a RecordSet and a few more utility functions.

* With the new ExtendedAttributesMBS module you can read and write extended attributes on Mac OS X, like Finder comments, and add your own metadata to each file.

* Finally, there are more additions like new picture functions, improvements to Cocoa classes, improvements to PDFKit classes, and the Twain plugin.

See release notes for a complete list of changes (http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/realbasic/newinversion125.shtml).

Product: MBS Real Studio plugins 12.5

Platforms: All

Price: $29-$299

Website: http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/realbasic/plugins.shtml

Arbed 1.6 is Out!

Arbed is a tool to perform advanced editing operations with Real Studio projects, such as:

* Comparing two projects, seeing and merging them in a structured manner much better than what an be achieved using plain text files (such as XML and RBVCP).

* Greatly assist in preparing an existing app for localization by turning strings in your code into dynamic ones, all in one go.

* Advanced search&replace functions, even scriptable.

Version 1.6 adds the following features:

* Reads and writes VCP (.rbvcp) projects now, too!

* String Obfuscation lets you conveniently hide your texts (e.g. SQL statements) from hackers.

Product: Arbed 1.6

Platforms: All

Price: Free/$59/$195 (free, basic, and complete licenses)

Website: http://www.tempel.org/Arbed/

Matrix Plugin 3.4 Available

Matrix Plugin for Real Studio allows you to construct programs which, because of operator and function overloading, can handle real matrices much like doubles and integers are handled. Matrix elements are doubles. A matrix can be entered in standard form in a TextArea and read in by a single instruction.

Matrix Plugin 3.4 adds the functions "NumRows(M As Matrix) As Integer" and "NumColumns(M As Matrix) As Integer".

Product: Matrix Plugin 3.4

Platforms: All

Price: Free

Website: http://delaneyrm.com/MatrixPlugin.html

ActivityViewer 1.0

ActivityViewer is an easy to use module and window set allowing Real Studio users to add an ActivityViewer window to their projects with minimal effort. Providing users with meaningful feedback during long background processing gives an application a professional touch and doing it in a safe and stable manner gives the user confidence in that application.

Product: ActivityViewer 1.0

Platforms: All

Price: $15

Website: http://www.pidog.com/ActivityViewer/

TheBigUndo updated

TheBigUndo is a RealStudio module to provide undo and redo functions to Real Studio apps on all three desktop platforms. Recent updates fix a Cocoa bug, a problem checking on non-document windows (sheets, modals, etc), avoids naming conflicts with other modules, and a couple of other minor details.

Product: TheBigUndo v1.0.2

Platforms: All

Price: $60 (introductory pricing)

Website: http://www.pidog.com/TheBigUndo/

MPCalc Plugin

MPCalc Plugin allows a Real Studio developer to design a multi-precision RPN calculator. It could handle numbers with up to 30,000 decimal digits. It could also handle numbers whose absolute values lie between 1e-65000000 and 1e+65000000. It is a Universal plugin for Mac OS X. Over forty scientific functions are now available. functions such as Bessel Functions, Fresnel Integrals, etc.

MPCalc Plugin now uses its own multi-precision engine fp. When the plugin used NTL, it had to have the GNU General Public License. Now it has a much more relaxed license.

Product: MPCalc Plugin

Platforms: All

Price: Free

Website: http://delaneyrm.com/MPCalcPlugin.html

Ohanaware updates App Wrapper to 2.0.1

Jhangle, Pingtung, Taiwan (18th Jul, 2012)—Ohanaware Co., Ltd. Release their latest update to their product "App Wrapper" 2.0. App Wrapper is the tool that Ohanaware use to package their applications for the Mac App Store and their web site. App Wrapper is a simplified approach to performing meanial tasks that are required in order to distribute applications for Apple's Mac App Store and OS X Mountain Lion.

App Wrapper simplifies the process of Code Signing, Sandboxing, Compressing applications (via OS X Installer or Zip file), generating Retina Compatible High Resolution icons, and Help Documentation preparation. Reducing the time required to prepare applications for distribution via the Mac App Store or OS X Mountain Lion.

Code Signing and Sandboxing.

Code signing is required for both the Mac App Store and OS X Mountain Lion. App Wrapper's Code signing engine is capable of code signing helper apps, frameworks, plugins and AppleScripts. Sandboxing is required for the Mac App Store. App Wrapper 2.0 features a new GUI interface to simplify the specification of Entitlement keys and their values. It includes tools to help validate a Sandboxed application and to track down Sandbox violations.

Retina Compatible Application and Document Icons.

App Wrapper can add High Resolution ICNS files to the application bundle, or it can generate High Resolution ICNS files from almost any transparent image. App Wrapper also features a 'Document Icon Maker' that can generate (AHIG conforming) High Resolution ICNS files using the Application icon and a simple identifier. App Wrapper uses High Quality scaling to retain as much detail when generating icons at smaller sizes. When creating Retina compatible applications, App Wrapper can generate HiDPI ICNS files (dependant on the specified Minimum OS).

Apple Compatible Help.

App Wrapper can add a Help folder or Help file into the application bundle, and add the correct keys to the plist. Also featured is a Help Validator which will check the help documents for simple XHTML errors, broken links, missing images and other common errors.

Uniform Type Identifiers (UTI).

App Wrapper features functionality to add importable and exportable UTIs to an application, it includes a function that can generate a matching UTI from a document type. This enables developers to easily add support for "Document Packages".

Plist Editing.

Many required plist keys can be specified using the App Wrapper interface. For more advanced plist editing, App Wrapper includes a simple plist editor.

Apple About Box.

App Wrapper features GUI options for configuring the Apple About Box. Included in the App Wrapper help is code for Real Studio developers to use, that will display a genuine Apple About Box.

Auto Save and Restoration.

App Wrapper automatically saves the settings, restoring them when the application is re-opened in App Wrapper.

App Wrapper was made with Real Software's Real Studio and App Wrapper was used on App Wrapper, to generate the icons, validate and include the help, configure the about box, codesign the bundle and then to create the Zip compressed file.

Product: App Wrapper 2.0.1

Platforms: OSX

Price: $49.99

Website: http://www.ohanaware.com/

BKeeney Software Acquires Real Studio True North Software Products

Lenexa, Kansas, USA (July 30, 2012) -- BKeeney Software Inc. has announced that it has acquired the RealStudio portfolio of products from True North Software including...

- Formatted Text Control (FTC)

- RTF Parser

- RB Code Reports

- Spell Check Utilities (SCU)

- RBVersioner

- Obfuscate

- RB Linux Maker

- VInstaller

We are very excited to bring these products to BKeeney Software. These products represent years of quality work which we routinely use in our consulting work. These products are valued assets for the Real Studio community and we will continue to enhance these products. Brendan Murphy, from True North Software said, "I am glad Bob Keeney has chosen to acquire these products. He has the technical expertise and integrity to make these products flourish for years to come."

Product: True North Software Product

Platforms: All

Price: Varies

Website: http://www.bkeeney.com

Studio Stable Graphics is Ready

The first release of Studio Stable Graphics (SSG) is ready. It's a Real Studio plugin that adds methods for resizing and rotating pictures, with high quality, cross platform consistent results. SSG is an adaptation of Hutchings Software's 10 year old Component X Graphics plugin to Web Edition applications and the new alpha channel picture format introduced in Real Studio 2011r4.

Hutchings Software is using this in their own projects, and are happy to make it available to the Real Studio community. You can develop your app using the free trial version.

Product: Studio Stable Graphics

Platforms: All

Price: $49.95

Website: http://www.studiostable.com/graphics

Attached Window

Attached Window makes windows similar to Matt Gemmels "Attached Windows" (http://mattgemmell.com/2007/10/03/maattachedwindow-nswindow-subclass/). This class is based on the project EasyOverlayWindow from Monkeybread Software. Using the window:

- Add the 4 classes to your project.

- Add a property with the super "AttachedWindow" to the window you want to show the help for.

- In mouse enter make a new window. Properties are the direction (top, bottom, left and right), the text, and left and top where the window should appear

- In mouse exit hide the window

- The window can resize itself.

Product: Attached Window

Platforms: OSX

Price: Free

Website: http://www.mothsoftware.com/content/download-some-realbasic-related-stuff

RegExRX 1.6 with Better Real Studio Support

RegExRX is a regular expression development app and among its new features is better support for copying a pattern to Real Studio and pasting it back in. You can use the menu command to Copy Pattern As Real Studio (REALbasic) Code and paste directly into your app. What's new is that you can then highlight and copy the pattern, including quotes, EndOfLine, etc., and paste it back into RegExRX using the new Paste Pattern From Real Studio option and it will properly interpret it. This makes going back and forth between your code and RegExRX a snap.

There is also new support for 4D and JavaScript, a similar code-interpreter for AppleScript (Mac-only, of course), and better support for mode switches at the start of the pattern. For example, if you start the pattern with "(?i)", the Case Sensitive option under the Options menu will be dimmed and unchecked to indicate that you've overridden that option in your pattern. There's also colorization support for every PCRE token, even the really useless ones.

Product: RegExRX 1.6

Platforms: OSX / WIN

Price: $4.99

Website: http://www.mactechnologies.com/index.php?page=downloads#regexrx

Visual Foxpro to Real Studio Converter

Cully Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the Visual Foxpro to Real Studio Converter, version 0.2beta. The converter converts Visual Foxpro forms and their controls into Real Studio version control format. Currently, the converter doesn't convert the code behind the controls but it does honor the control names, and most of the layout.

The Real Studio project now properly identifies the forms as belonging to the project. More controls are converted such as the Option Groups and Image Controls. The method code for the forms and command buttons are converted into the Real Studio Windows, but are commented out. This should make it so you can manually convert your code into RealBasic. The source code for the converter is free and available for download for compiling in Visual Foxpro 9.

Product: Visual Foxpro to Real Studio Converter

Platforms: WIN

Price: Free

Website: http://cully.biz/2012/03/05/visual-foxpro-to-real-studio-converter-0-1beta/

Movie Draft

Thanks to the beauty of Real Studio's cross-compilation, Movie Draft screenplay software is now available for Windows (and outside of the Mac App Store for Mac users who'd prefer that).

Product: Movie Draft

Platforms: OSX / WIN

Price: $29.99

Website: http://www.moviedraft.com/us/download/

fp Plugin 5.1

fp Plugin 5.1 corrects a bug in fpLnFactorial which limited precision, and gives a better output precision to fpBigFactorial. Using Bob Delaney's fp multi-precision engine, fp Plugin for Real Studio adds three new data types: BigInteger, BigFloat, and BigComplex. Except for available memory, there is no limitation on the size of a BigInteger. So you can multiply a 100 digit integer by another 100 digit integer giving the exact 200 digit integer. BigFloat is a multi—precision floating point number. You can set both the internal precision and the decimal output precision for BigFloat, with no limitation except for available memory. It might take awhile, but you can now calculate pi in a REALbasic program to a million decimal places, or more. The power of 10 for BigFloat can range from about -600,000,000 to +600,000,000 as compared to -308 to +308 for a Double. BigComplex is composed of two BigFloats, so it uses BigFloat precision. fp Plugin itself allows you to construct programs which can handle the three data types much like doubles and integers are handled. To a large extent the plugin's data types can be freely used with the +, -, *, and / operators, and can be used in comparisons. And most of REALbasic's functions have been overloaded to take the plugin's data types, where it makes sense to do so.

Product: fp Plugin 5.1

Platforms: All

Price: Free

Website: http://homepage.mac.com/delaneyrm/fpPlugin.html

Custom Hosting For Real Studio Web Edition

QuickStartSoftware.com is pleased to announce custom hosting for Real Studio Web Edition. Our hosting plans come with custom software which allows you to easily deploy, manage, and monitor your web applications on our optimized hosting platform. We've taken a process that once required countless tools and simplified it into one application. This saves the developer time and money by allowing them to focus on making a great web application without having to worry about being a system administrator.

Product: Custom Hosting For Real Studio Web Edition

Price: N/A

Website: http://www.QuickStartSoftware.com/Hosting

K.A.T.T 1.4

KATT is a multimedia novelty app. It is a simple, yet fun program based off a certain car. KATT stands for Knight Advanced Technical Technician. KATT will play media files supported by Quicktime. Some of the visual candy include left and right 30 band visual EQ, power level, Mdometer (odometer), Scroller, Visualizer, and Voice box. KATT will automatically load files from your iTunes library or KATT's own folder. This version: Fixed a minor issue with the play button. Fixed a minor issue with bass and treble sliders. Reduced CPU usage while KATT is idle. Overhauled some graphical functions. Added 10 new visualizer FX Added change visualizer option,which allows KATT to change visualizer FX on each song or stay with currently selected one.

Product: K.A.T.T 1.4

Platforms: OSX

Price: Free

Website: http://erockus.home.mchsi.com//Mac/katt.zip


iSightCameraClass is a Mac only Real Studio module and associated classes that allow you to easily add the ability to view and record movies from the built-in iSight camera on your desktop or laptop. It is built entirely with the QTKit framework that comes with your Mac. It requires that your Real Studio project be set to a Cocoa build, as it will not work for Carbon. OS X 10.5 or greater is required for it to function properly. Tested using RS 2011 R4 on Lion 10.7.2. It's encrypted, but you can license the source code for $30. The design requirement was to keep it simple and make it easy to use for the Mac Real Studio developer.

Product: iSightCameraClass

Platforms: OSX

Price: $30 (for source code)

Website: http://web.me.com/mauitom/Real_Studio_Projects/iSightCamera_Class.html

IP Address TextField

Jon Ogdon has put together a customized text field for creating a properly formatted IP address string. It forces the user to properly format the address and ends up automatically adding periods between the octets when necessary, restricting input where necessary, etc.

Product: IP Address TextField

Platforms: All

Price: Free

Website: http://downloads.justaddsoftware.net/RealStuff


iReminisce is a journal and diary application for individuals who demands simplicity, elegance and power. iReminisce lets users focus on their thoughts while still allowing attachments such as pictures, movies, music and documents with their entries and keeping them close to but away from the writing area. With iReminisce, users will be able to keep good and focused journal/diary entries without having to fight with the graphical user interface. The entire software was designed to make writing entries easy. iReminisce even automatically save everything users do, including keystrokes, so users can continue to write and not be distracted.

* Daily photo journaling so users will be able to see and playback how they look like at any given day in the past.

* Customizable color-coded categories gives users the ability to create their own categories.

* Mood system to let users "indicate" how they felt when they wrote the entry.

* "5 stars" rating system to help users organize the favorite (or least favorite) entries.

* Capability to enter entries to days that were missed (users can even enter entries into the future if they wish).

* Simple method to move entries to different dates.

* Drag and drop attachments to entries, includes a built-in viewer for all attachments, including movies and music.

Product: iReminisce

Platforms: OSX (Lion)

Price: $14.99

Website: http://www.lomation.com/ireminisce.html

UltraUpdater 1.4.0

LogicalVue Software today announced UltraUpdater 1.4.0, the incredibly easy way to add auto-update capability to your Real Studio applications. With UltraUpdater, only 2 lines of code are needed to add auto-update capability to your Real Studio applications. Your applications will be able to check if new versions are available, display a list of changes, and allow the user to download and launch the update.

Product: UltraUpdater 1.4.0

Platforms: All

Price: $19.95 (includes source code)

Website: http://www.rbdevzone.com/ultraupdater/

CodeVue 1.0

LogicalVue Software, Inc. announces the availability of CodeVue 1.0. CodeVue is a code snippet manager for Real Studio developers. CodeVue Features include:

* Full syntax highlighting for the RealBasic language

* Automatically saves and manages an unlimited amount of scripts

* Support for script notes

* Fully copy/paste capability

* Automatically create new code snippet from clipboard contents.

Product: CodeVue 1.0

Platforms: Mac (via App Store)

Price: $4.99 (current sale price)

Website: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/codevue/id475421955?mt=12

RB Package Maker

RB Package Maker is an application for Real Studio developers who want to prepare their Apps for the Mac App Store. With it's new release 2.0, RB Package maker closes the gap for Cocoa applications. As of November 1st, Apple requires all new apps to be Cocoa compliant. RB Package maker makes the handling of Entitlements a snap. Click the rights needed for your application, and RB Package Maker signs the application bundle with this required entitlements. If your App is already in the Mac AppStore, you need to move support files like databases or data files from 'outside' the sandbox into the sandbox. RB Package Maker supports this as well and helps you to 'sandbox' all files your application needs. The new version supports:

* Code signing

* Sandbox Entitlement keys

* Sandbox Migration of files

* Correction of various data in Real Studio App Bundles (like Icon Name, PKG Name, Version format, PList data etc)

* and finally Packaging.

The 'Sandboxing' part makes RB Package Maker one of the few, if not the only application of this kind, which fully automates the whole process for RB developers. This is all done with a couple of mouse clicks in one or two minutes. To get an idea of how it works, interested customers can watch a two-minute video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIyH_4ruNlY) demonstrating the process. The demo app is partly functional, as the final signing and packaging process is disabled.

Product: RB Package Maker

Platforms: OSX

Price: $18.95

Website: http://www.bluecolin.com/rb/

Advanced Email Sockets Available

Infinity Data Systems is pleased to announce the release of advanced email sockets for Real Studio. A completely native solution, Infinity's sockets are based on four years of development on the MailForge email client. All three sockets, POP3, SMTP and IMAP, all go far beyond the built-in sockets, both in features and performance. Improvements include: - STARTTLS Support - UIDL Support - CRAM-MD5 Authorization (currently requires Einhugur plugins) - Improved Buffering (maintains performance when downloading large emails) - Improved ISP Compatibility. Sockets are available either encryped or open. Because Infinity's primary commercial application is an email client, licensees can be assured of ongoing support, improvements and updates.

Product: Advanced Email Sockets

Platforms: All

Price: Single Socket: $50/$75 (closed/open); All Sockets: $125/$175 (closed/open)

Website: http://infinitydatasystems.com/products/code/

End of article.