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Issue 11.2 ('Boolean')
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Keeping the Right Kinds of Clients

Not All Are Created Equal

Issue: 11.2 (March/April 2013)
Author: Bob Keeney
Author Bio: Bob is the owner of BKeeney Software that provides Real Studio and iOS consulting for clients all over the world. In addition to providing consulting, BKeeney Software provides Real Studio training videos (currently over 36 hours worth) and sells software to consumers and developers alike. He is a founder and former President of the Association of Real Studio Professionals.
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Finding work is challenging, at best. Prospective clients want their projects done sooner than you're available to do the work or they want to spend less than you're charging. If you do get the work, some clients are unhappy with your work (even if it works exactly like they spec'd out), the length of time it takes, bugs, or any number of things you and I would consider to be pretty minor. Welcome to the world of consulting.

As you get started in your consulting career, you often take the clients who present themselves. You don't have much choice as any paying client is better than no client. Without the ability to pay the bills, it's awfully hard to stay in business. As they say, beggars can't be choosy.

Eventually, however, you hopefully get to the point where existing clients keep coming back for more work and your schedule fills up. This is the time when you should evaluate your existing clients and determine if they are worthy of your time and investment.

Yes, you read that right. The clients pay you, but you have a say in the matter too! You are giving your creative energy to their projects. It might be their idea but you're the developer who brought it to life. Without you, it would still just be a dream.

If a client is a constant thorn in your side, constantly complains about minor problems, is late with payment or fights billing in general, or doesn't answer questions, it might be time to fire that client.

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