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Issue 11.6 ('Apple About Boxes')
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ChartPart 3.0

Create charts and graphs within your Xojo applications

Issue: 11.6 (November/December 2013)
Author: Kevin Cully
Author Bio: Kevin Cully currently is owner of CULLY Technologies, LLC., leads the Atlanta Xojo Users Group and is an avid Xojo developer on Linux and the other Xojo target platforms.
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Excerpt of article text...

I was in need of charts and graphs for an application I'm building. The application is all speculative on whether it would be as beneficial as I thought, and whether there would be a market for it, so I didn't want to plunk down any money. Plus, with me wanting Linux support, that removed some charting contenders. I couldn't believe it when I ran across ChartPart, abandoned since 2000, and was able to bring it current to Xojo. As it was an open source project, the REALbasic code was readily available.

ChartPart was originally developed for RB by TechConsulting in 1998. There was another release in 1999 and it was released as an open sourced project on SourceForge in mid-2000. ChartPart was released under the Lesser GPL (LGPL) license which allows for free use for commercial or non-commercial use. (Check the included LGPL license for more details.)

I downloaded the file from SourceForge, had a friend uncompress the .sit file as I didn't have a .sit file extractor available to me. I set out to rebuild the demo application, but almost no effort was required to bring the ChartPart canvas subclass up to modern Xojo language standards.

Using ChartPart in your Xojo application

To include ChartPart in your Xojo applications, just import the ChartPart class as an external class, and then drag the ChartPart canvas subclass onto one of the windows in your application. Set custom properties as your requirements dictate. To add a data element to your chart, assuming that ChartPart is instantiated as CP, then make the call of:

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