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Issue 11.6 ('Apple About Boxes')
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Creating Xojo Plugins

How to create a Xojo-plugin project from scratch using Xcode

Issue: 11.6 (November/December 2013)
Author: Matt Gardner
Author Bio: Matt is senior analyst and developer for SmoothPay Ltd who produce payroll software for 5 Pacific nations and has been involved in software development since the late 70's.
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Re-introducing myself to the intricacies of C++ after many years (Boy, has it changed!), and with a need to produce plugins that work with Cocoa and the new Xojo SDK for a project, I embarked on a journey to discover exactly how to create a plugin.

It's not that obvious!

Despite researching everything I could find about the topic, including Christian Schmitz' (of Monkeybread Software) article in REALbasic Developer #8109, his video tutorial (covering an older version of Xcode), various blog entries by Joe Ranieri, the open source TextInputCanvas plugin project, and the notes in the SDK itself, it turns out it's not that easy and it's definitely not obvious how to create a plugin project from scratch. (I can't wait to try building on Windows with MinGW... which is really why I started the project.)

Anyway, here's how to create a basic Xcode project that uses the Xojo SDK. (This was with Xcode 4.6.3, so your screens may look a little different with the just-released Xcode 5.)

Step 1: Create a new Xcode project.

Start Xcode, choose New Project, and select C/C++ Library (see Figure 1).

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