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Issue 12.1 ('Smart Localization')
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Reporting Valentina

How to use Valentina Reports with Xojo

Issue: 12.1 (January/February 2014)
Author: Paul Budd
Author Bio: Paul first learned to program on a Vic-20 and spent many hours typing in listings from magazines during that 8-bit era. Although he works full time in a non-computer related industry he finds time to write software and provide computer consultancy services to friends and colleagues. While owning an Apple Mac, he is predominantly a windows programmer.
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A great frustration of mine when using Xojo has been the lack of a simple to use banded report designer, and a not particularly intuitive built-in report designer. A current project I am working on needed a more capable printing solution and this coincided with the latest Omegabundle Offer. I couldn't resist the temptation and decided it would be worth the purchase for the Valentina Reports alone. As it turns out the bundle also introduced me to a number of other useful tools and add-ons that I have also begun to make use of.

I came to find Real Studio, now Xojo at a time when I was looking for a new programming language. I was moving away from local databases in applications to a client server approach and I have used MySQL with PHP for many years with web solutions so it seemed logical to stick with it. I have been hooked on the ease of combining both Xojo and MySQL ever since.

The project I am working on is relatively complex (by my standards anyway) and is an event booking and invoicing system. It uses MySQL as the backend database and is at a point where I need to generate some reports.

What I intend to do with this article is to produce a simple step-by-step guide of how to get Valentina Reports working in Xojo. In the short time I have been using this product, I have found that it fits my purposes perfectly. The developers respond to email very quickly with advice and support. The developer's website (http://www.paradigma.com) has a wealth of information on it, although it is not laid out particularly well in my humble opinion and it can be difficult to find the relevant information. This was the motivation for me to write this article which I hope will be a one stop shop to get you up and running with Valentina and Xojo. This should save you from clicking around the internet for answers which I found myself doing to get started.

Database - User Logging Table

The example I am going to demonstrate uses a very simple table from the MySQL system I am working on currently. I use this table to record user actions when those users interact with the system. The structure of the table tbl_userlog is shown below;

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