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Issue 12.2 ('Inefficiencies')
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Inside Email

About the EmailMessage class and SMTPSocket

Issue: 12.2 (March/April 2014)
Author: Christian Schmitz
Author Bio: Christian Schmitz is the creator of the Monkeybread Software Xojo/Real Studio Plugins.
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Article Number: 12204
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In a lot of projects we use the EmailMessage class and the SMTPSocket to send emails to people. For example, your web app can email people their login password or email yourself status information every morning. Also, you can email newsletters, serial numbers, or invoices from your apps.

The EmailMessage class

The EmailMessage class represents an email message. It has properties to various headers of the email and also properties for content and attachments. You can compose an email using those properties and later query the source of the email. Or, you receive an email as text file and assign the raw email data to the source property to parse it.

Please note that the source is generated for you each time and generating source can update the headers, so a second source call may give a different result. Also, if you assign and query, you do not receive the exact same source data.

The Properties

First you can assign a subject with the subject property. Be aware that inline encodings of emails are not supported by the EmailMessage class, so you can only assign ASCII text here.

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