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Issue 12.3 ('lJLaL')
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Command-C for iOS

Issue: 12.3 (May/June 2014)
Author: Marc Zeedar
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How often have you been doing something on your Mac and wanted to copy a URL, some text, or a picture to your iPad or iPhone? Or the reverse? The traditional solution has been to email yourself the content, which is a lot of steps, not very fast, and creates extra temporary stuff in your inbox.

Enter Danilo Torrisi's cool Command-C app for iOS. It uses a free companion Mac app that lets the two devices talk to each other wirelessly. It even works with multiple devices, so you can share between them.

On the Mac, the app runs on the menubar and once you've configured all your devices (linking them to your Mac with the Command-C app on the device), the menu shows a list of devices. Just click on one to send it the current clipboard. Your iPhone or iPad will receive the clipboard instantly.

For the reverse, you simply launch the Command-C app on the phone or tablet and choose which device should receive the clipboard. It couldn't be any easier.

You can send anything on the clipboard that's supported by the device—pictures, text, URLs, etc. It's really handy and much faster than emailing yourself something or storing it on Dropbox, especially for temporary items.

With iOS 7 Safari can use iCloud to share the URLs of open tabs on your various devices, but it's not instantaneous and it only works with Safari. And with Command-C, you can share a lot more than just URLs. Highly recommended if you use multiple devices.

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