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Issue 12.3 ('lJLaL')
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App Sandbox Guide

Dealing with the App Sandbox

Issue: 12.3 (May/June 2014)
Author: Sam Rowlands
Author Bio: Sam is the code monkey behind Ohanaware Software.
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To get applications into the Mac App Store (MAS) there a few hurdles. While in the long run the benefits outweigh the hassles, some of the obstacles can seem daunting. And when the going gets tough, they become very frustrating.

The App Sandbox is one of those hurdles as MAS apps must to be sandboxed. Apple has provided a wealth of documentation, much of which needs to be read before anything can be done. Using sample code might seem to solve the problem, but the danger is that without truly understanding sandboxing it's very easy to create and release an application that can fail under certain circumstances. That's much worse than not doing it right in the first place.

Note that while this introductory article is specific to OS X, the same principle applies to iOS development (where all apps are sandboxed), and it's possible that a similar concept will be implemented some day for other operating systems, so learning the principles of sandboxing is vital for future development. Now I'm going to explain about sandboxing, how to work with files, and also reveal the best workflow I've found for dealing with the App Sandbox.

What Is the App Sandbox?

In simple terms, a sandbox is a way of virtually walling off your application so that it can't damage other parts of the computer (other applications, user files, or system files).

Why do this? Simple: for security. If a single application were to become compromised (i.e. infected with a virus), if that application does not have permission to modify the operating system or delete a user's files, then the virus can't do much (if any) damage to the user's computer.

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