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Issue 12.4 ('Game Center')
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Issue: 12.4 (July/August 2014)
Author: Paul Lefebvre
Author Bio: Paul Lefebvre is the Xojo Developer Evangelist. He has developed software professionally for more than 20 years and has been using Xojo and prior versions since 2001.
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Article Length (in bytes): 5,114
Starting Page Number: 60
Article Number: 12412
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Excerpt of article text...

One thing I hear a lot from people is that they love to see sample Xojo code. And I agree! I also find that reading, reviewing and changing existing code is a great way to learn.

Luckily there is a lot of example Xojo code available, if you know where to look.

Start with Xojo itself

Did you know that Xojo ships with over 200 example projects? When you start Xojo, the Project Chooser appears. Select "Examples" in the sidebar to navigate through the many examples, which cover all kinds of topics, including Desktop UI, web, graphics, databases, design patterns and much more. All the Xojo examples are updated regularly to ensure they use currently recommended Xojo coding techniques. These are a great way to learn.

When you click OK to select an example project, it opens in its own Workspace window. You can then save the project anywhere you want and change it around as you see fit without affecting the original example.

All the Xojo examples are licensed using the BSD license, so you can freely use them in your own projects.

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