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Issue 13.2 ('Control Animation')
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Almost XDC Time

Thoughts from the Publisher

Issue: 13.2 (March/April 2015)
Author: Marc Zeedar
Author Bio: When xDev publisher Marc Zeedar was a kid he used to create magazines just for fun. Now he's doing it for a living!
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It's crazy the way time flies, but it's less than two months before the Xojo Developer's Conference in late April. That means this is the last issue of xDev before then, so I'll warn you now that I'm already planning on delaying the May issue by a few days.

Usually we publish on the first unless it's a holiday or weekend, but on May 1st I'll be in Austin at the conference—and naturally the issue won't be getting done while I'm there! (I'm no Christian Schmitz. I swear he has a couple of clones of himself.)

The Absolute, Final, No-More-Extensions OmegaBundle Deadline

You might have noticed that the deadline for the OmegaBundle keeps extending. Trust us—this isn't an eternal "going out of business" sale. We decided that since we were so close to the xDev publication date it wouldn't hurt to extend it a little longer for one last bit of publicity, so the absolute final deadline is now March 9, 2015. It'll be more than a year before you'll see these kinds of savings again, so now's your last chance!

In This Issue

Adding animation to your apps really makes them seem polished. But if you weren't sure how to do it, Sam Rowlands explains how to use Cocoa's Core Animation to make your TabPanels move.

I've got the next step in my iOS series, this time showing how to actually transfer your app to an iOS device. The thrill of seeing my app actually running on an iPhone (and using it during my last grocery trip) is pretty cool.

In other features, Scott Boss shows how to use Xojo with Mandrill, a cool email-sending service. Sam's got another piece on Sandboxing, and Christian Schmitz gives us a preview of some interesting places to see in Texas when you go to XDC next month.

Our always-productive columnists haven't been forgotten: Kem covers common Regex mistakes, Craig wraps up his database design series, Paul covers some Xojo news, I talk about class extensions in Beginner's Corner, Markus has some great tips on dates (the class, not the social rendezvous), and he interviews Ulrich Bogun in We Are Xojo. Enjoy!

End of article.