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Issue 13.2 ('Control Animation')
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Animation Crash Course

Animating the TabPanel in Mac OS X

Issue: 13.2 (March/April 2015)
Author: Sam Rowlands
Author Bio: Sam is the codemancer behind Ohanaware Software.
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Article Number: 13205
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Animation, done correctly in an application, elevates the overall feel and can help it seem more polished and professional.

Choppy, useless animation, has the opposite effect.

I've always found animation hard, thus I tend to leave it to the last minute, at which point I have very little desire to solve it, as it's holding up the release of my application. In the past I've almost succeeded. However, it's never felt right.

Problems with existing tutorials

I've read plenty of tutorials on interface animation. Ninety percent of them animate a simple pushbutton from one side of the window to the other. Unless you're a 14-year-old kid trying to wind up your parents, this is useless.

I've experimented with various animation technologies and, for the most part, when animating interface elements, I've found that nothing is as smooth as Apple's Core Animation. But it's not to say that you can just drop Core Animation code into your interface and everything is hunky dory. You have to dedicate time to reading the Core Animation documentation and experimenting.

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