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Issue 14.2 ('Cocoa Fonts')
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Making Better Examples

Tips for making code examples more clear

Issue: 14.2 (March/April 2016)
Author: Markus Winter
Author Bio: Markus is a Molecular Biologist who taught himself REALbasic programming in 2003 to let the computer deal with some exceedingly tedious lab tasks. Some call it lazy, he thinks it smart. He still thinks of himself as an advanced beginner at best.
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Excerpt of article text...

I'm always on the lookout for nice tips for the Tips & Tricks column, so from time to time I go over all the latest Xojo related blog posts that I know of. So on the Xojo blog I came across a tip from Joe Ranieri on how to speed up text modifications on OS X (http://blog.xojo.com/blog/speeding_up_textarea_modifications_under_cocoa_reprint).

It is a good tip, and we had already covered it in a previous issue (see xDev 12.4, Tips & Tricks, Tip 3). It is also a repost of a tip on the old REALsoftware blog from 2012 (http://www.realsoftwareblog.com/2012/11/speeding-up-textarea-modifications.html).

On reading it again and wondering why I don't use it much, I realized something that annoys me about so many tips and examples.

(Now let's be clear: being annoyed can be a good thing. Because it tells you there is something that can be improved upon and made to be less annoying—you just have to figure out what it really is that annoys you.)

At first I thought it was the following sentence, which I already moaned about it in 2012 when I pointed out the following as not being beginner-friendly:

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