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Issue 14.2 ('Cocoa Fonts')
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Designing Data-Oriented Pop-ups

Subclassing the PopupMenu and ComboBox control widgets

Issue: 14.2 (March/April 2016)
Author: J.C. Cruz
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Article Number: 14206
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Pop-up widgets present users with multiple item to choose from. These items may be predefined constants, or they may be specific record field values. When users choose an item, the widget applies that choice to the task on hand.

But the two pop-up widgets from Xojo have a handful of issues. In today's article, I shall explain how I tried to address those issues.

First, I dissect each pop-up widget, describing its structure and behaviour. Then I introduce the subclasses I used to extend and improve each widget. And I provide a couple of examples of the improved widget at work.

The demo project FooPop is available from the magazine's website. Readers must have a working knowledge of REALbasic.

Dissecting the PopupMenu Widget

The widget class PopupMenu presents its data items to the user in the form of a menu list (see Figure 1). A click on the widget expands the menu and displays its items. A click on an item selects it and raises a change event.

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