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Issue 14.4 ('NSTableView')
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Issue: 14.4 (July/August 2016)
Author: Paul Lefebvre
Author Bio: Paul Lefebvre is the Xojo Developer Evangelist. He has been using Xojo and prior versions since 2001.
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Article Length (in bytes): 6,611
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## WWDC 2016 ##

Apple recently held WWDC 2016 and they made a few announcements, including iOS 10 and the latest version of OS X, which is now called macOS 10.12 Sierra. I think they should have called it macOS 12 instead as it sure seems weird that both iOS and macOS now have 10 as the major version. And presumably next year, they'll bump iOS to 11 (it goes to 11!), but only take macOS to 10.13. Strange.

Regardless, the betas for both of these are available now and we will, of course, be testing Xojo with them to make sure everything continues to work great.

HiDPI and Retina

As briefly mentioned in the last issue, Xojo 2016 Release 1 added HiDPI/Retina support for OS X and Windows apps. For this initial release, Windows support is in Beta

HiDPI (or hi-resolution dots per inch) refers to displays that have many more dots per inch to render an extremely sharp display where it is difficult to see individual pixels. These screens are amazingly sharp and easy to read. It is hard to truly appreciate a HiDPI display until you actually start using one. And once you have used one, it is hard to go back to a normal display. Apple uses the term "Retina" to refer to these types of screens and many of their Mac models have built-in Retina displays such as the iMac, Macbook and Macbook Pro.

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