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Issue 15.1 ('Xojo Pi Lab')
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Xojo Pi Lab

Using Xojo and Raspberry Pi to create a laboratory setup for students

Issue: 15.1 (January/February 2017)
Author: Mattias Sandstrom
Author Bio: >Mattias is the programming CEO of Tangix Design & Development, a Sweden-based company developing software solutions for the web and for the Windows platform
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>This is a story of a quote submitted by us for a project and then forgotten. Nine months later we get a call from the buyer politely asking if it isn't time to deliver what they had ordered! Further inquires reveal that they submitted the order through an email to the wrong address and then forgot about it as well!

Now, of course, they have hands-on lessons in two weeks and would really like to try the equipment before they ask the students to do the lab.

The customer

Our client for this project is the county of Harnosand, a city about 450 km north of Stockholm, Sweden. The county runs a vocational school for students specializing in Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning ("HVAC"). The education at school consists of both classroom training and labs on HVAC equipment (see Figure 1).

The same lab equipment is also used when certifying professionals to renew or obtain their certificates to work with equipment containing refrigerants. The target for the laboratory setup is students and professionals between 18 and 65 years of age with a wide spread of knowledge in the profession and computer skills.

The purpose of the lab setup is to allow the students to run a geothermal heat-pump in a controlled way and understand the energy transfer from the "cold" to the "hot" side. During the lab the students will set different temperatures on the cold and hot side, measure the energy required for the heat-pump's compressor and from there calculate the Coefficient Of Performance ("COP"). COP is the factor describing how much useful energy you get out of the heat-pump for the amount of electricity you put in. Performing these experiments on a live installation is not possible so the lab setup is required.

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