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Issue 15.4 ('Xojo in Germany')
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Issue: 15.4 (July/August 2017)
Author: Marc Zeedar
Author Bio: When xDev publisher Marc Zeedar was a kid he used to create magazines just for fun. Now he's doing it for a living!
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Right after the last issue was put to bed, I took off for Berlin for my first overseas Xojo conference. It was a wonderful experience, similar to XDC but with an exotic twist. Plus a spent an extra week in Europe and got see how much has changed since I was 12! You can read all about it in this issue. I can't wait for next year's conference (September 2018 in Munich).

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In This Issue

While the main feature is the conference in Berlin—and my travel adventures, with gobs of photos—we've also got some Xojo treats for you.

Mattias Sandstrom chimes in with some tips on how to reduce the size of your Xojo HIDPI apps, and popular xDevLibrary book author Eugene Dakin explains how to quickly update a Windows listbox without flickering.

JC Cruz finishes up his health data sharing article he started last issue, and Christian Schmitz does some hard-core benchmarking to figure out Xojo bottlenecks and come up with suggestions to make your apps faster.

In our columns, Paul takes at look at Apple's recent WWDC announcements and how they effect Xojo, Craig explores the pg_dump backup tool, and I write about how to create your own control initialize extensions. Enjoy

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