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Issue 15.4 ('Xojo in Germany')
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Issue: 15.4 (July/August 2017)
Author: Paul Lefebvre
Author Bio: Paul Lefebvre is the Xojo Developer Evangelist. He has been using Xojo and prior versions since 2001.
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The Apple World Wide Developer Conference keynote was jam-packed with information this year and I thought I'd talk about a few of the things that might relate to Xojo.

Apple announced the next version of macOS: macOS High Sierra 10.13. This version appears to be primarily an "improvement" release, but it does have one notable and significant new feature: APFS, or the Apple File System.

Changing a file system is not a small thing. After all, it affects everything about how a computer works. Apple did switch the iOS filing system to APFS as part of the iOS 10.3 update with few issues, but doing it for macOS is sure to be trickier. There is more variety in how people have their drives configured and much more variability in how files are used.

So far, early indications are that Xojo apps work fine with the APFS case-insensitive filing system (the default), but we'll be testing more in the coming months.

Not part of the main keynote, but also of note, is that Apple announced during the "Platforms State of the Union" that 32-bit apps will no longer be allowed for submission to the Mac App Store starting in January 2018. According to Apple macOS, High Sierra is the last version of macOS that will have support for 32-bit apps with "issues."

This means that if you haven't yet started testing 64-bit builds of your Xojo apps, you should certainly start doing so soon. Fortunately, Xojo 64-bit support will be out of beta in 2017.

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