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Issue 16.1 ('London 2017')
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From FileMaker to Xojo and Back Again

Communicate Between Development Systems (Without Plugins)

Issue: 16.1 (January/February 2018)
Author: Ulrich Bogun
Author Bio: Ulrich Bogun is the German developer evangelist for Xojo. After more than 20 years in design/prepress where he runs his own company, Xojo opened for him the world of programming three years ago. He likes to share results of his work on extending his free declare libraries for macOS, iOS, and RaspPi and maintains the (German) xojoblog.me site.
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FileMaker, if you don't know, is a nice development system for database-driven apps. More than nice, because designing a database in FileMaker is an extremely easy task. Even with great Xojo projects like those from Hal Gumbert and Tim Dietrich, database development time in Xojo still can't beat the design times of FileMaker.

That comparison is not fair anyhow, because FileMaker is a specialized database app development system whereas Xojo is used for app development—apps that can, but don't have to use a database at all.

FM's specialization is also its limitation: there are things that Xojo can do better and faster, and although FM's features can be expanded via plugins, there are things FileMaker cannot do at all (but Xojo can easily).

Another point: FileMaker's licensing model is much more restrictive than Xojo's. Even if you just want to visualize a single data field on a separate computer, you have to buy another FileMaker license for it.

But here's an idea—why not combine both systems, have them talk to each other, and conquer FM's limitations with a clever Xojo addition?

That's what we're going to do today.

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