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Issue 17.4 ('100th Issue')
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Your First Web App

Creating a simple web app with Xojo

Issue: 17.4 (July/August 2019)
Author: Paul Budd
Author Bio: Paul first learned to program on a Vic-20 and spent many hours typing in listings from magazines during that 8-bit era. Although he works full time in a non-computer related industry, he finds time to write software and provide computer consultancy services to friends and colleagues. While owning an Apple Mac, he is predominantly a windows programmer.
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Excerpt of article text...

As I write this, I have just completed my first Xojo conference session as a presenter. I was encouraged to write an article along similar lines to that of my presentation, which was about a small web application I developed to capture time spent by representatives assisting colleagues in our local police service staff association.

The session was pitched at a beginner level which may surprise some who have never attended XDC. (As an aside, the conference is not just about finding out about the newest technology or most sophisticated way to solve a problem, it is so much more. The networking and evening events are just as valuable when meeting fellow developers on a one-to-one basis. Throughout the course of the event there are a range of presentations to cater to all abilities, so if you ever can attend, my advice is to take it.)

Having agreed to do a presentation, I then wondered whether anyone would turn up. Was the session too simple? I am glad to report that attendees did show up for what was essentially a "beginners 101 on web apps."

Following the presentation, I was approached by some of the audience who appreciated the level at which I had pitched it and others who had never developed using Xojo web requesting further information. In the feedback following the presentation there was a request for an even simpler demonstration, so I have decided to follow up with this short series of articles which I hope will encourage you to try web apps for yourself.

The web application we will be developing is based on one I use for tracking my collection of DVDs, BluRays, and video games, etc. I have over a thousand DVDs and BluRay discs alone and occasionally found myself buying duplicates for those I already owned. I had no easy and quick way to check ownership, so I developed a web application and catalogued the whole of my collection. The application runs on my home server and I can access this from my phone wherever I happen to be (see Figure 1).

We are going to develop a basic working system to show how to create a web application which you can then take further in your own way. I hope the articles will inspire you to start looking more closely at web applications and develop further ideas of your own.

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