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Issue 18.1 ('SceneKit')
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Check Your Spelling

Implement Microsoft Word Spelling Checking in your Application

Issue: 18.1 (January/February 2020)
Author: Eugene Dakin
Author Bio: Eugene works as a Senior Oilfield Technical Specialist. He has university degrees in the disciplines of Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Business, and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. He is the author of dozens of books on Xojo available on the xdevlibrary.com website.
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Have you ever had the need to use a spelling checker for an application and didn't want to write a complete spelling-checking program? There is good news, as you can use Microsoft Word's spelling checker with your Xojo program. For this program to work, you will need to have a version of Microsoft Office installed, running Windows, and be using the free MSOfficeAutomation.rbx plugin from Xojo (see Figure 1).

There are two sentences of text that have been typed and three intentional words have been misspelled. Pressing the Spell Check button will enable the spelling checker program within Word and will show a Xojo Window with suggestions to the misspelled word (see Figure 2).

Xojo separates the words and checks each word with the plugin and flags "wurds" as an improperly spelled value. The replacement window is automatically populated with the misspelled word and offers four suggested alternatives in the listbox. Select one of the words and choose the replace button, which will change the sentence with the highlighted value that the user chose (see Figure 3).

Pressing the ignore button or closing the window with the X close button in the upper right corner will also close the window and ignore changes.

With the word being corrected, the program then goes to the next misspelled word and offers more suggestions. This repeats until the end of the string has been reached.

If you haven't used the MSOfficeAutomation.rbx plugin before, it's easy to install. Go to the Office Automation folder and copy the MSOfficeAutomation.rbx plugin, which is located in the folder: C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2019r1\Extras\Office Automation.

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