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Issue 19.5 ('Xojo Business Solution')
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A Xojo Business Solutions Platform

Planning and building out a Web-first application platform using Xojo

Issue: 19.5 (September/October 2021)
Author: Steve Pardoe
Author Bio: Steve Pardoe is the software solutions consultant at Porto Consulting which provides SMB's with advice and solutions for their business to operate more efficiently in the South East Queensland, Australia region and can be contacted via email (steve@porto.consulting).
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Excerpt of article text...

This article has been a long time in the making—13 months to be precise. That has been the elapsed time to create our small business platform—C8 (working title: collabor8te).

As will become apparent below, I have leveraged any and all resources to get us to this point. My aim is to give something back to the community. This article is an overview of both our experience using Xojo for a relatively large build, and more importantly, the process that we went through, a top-down process, to design the architecture of the overall solution and, subsequently, a list of solution components with specific notes and "gotchas" called out that is the benefit of many hours of research and analysis.

The Platform

The requirement for the overall build is both simple and very complex at the same time. Simple in that the requirement was for a generic, Web-first platform that could help solve business problems and that could be customized on a per-client basis as opposed to core, design-time coding. Naturally, the complexity is the generic part of the requirement.

As stated, Web-first was the name of the game. The other components included two desktop VB6 utilities written a number of moons ago—one for generic desktop notifications and one for screenshots and annotations. Although these components are subject to the same generic applicability, they are not the focus of this article.

Some Statistics

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