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Issue 2.4


Profile: ZeboPhoto

Issue: 2.4 (March/April 2004)
Author: Greg Fiumara
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Article Length (in bytes): 3,972
Starting Page Number: 9
Article Number: 2405
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In the world of photography, digital cameras are the new trend. One can take a virtually unlimited number of pictures and preview them within an instant. The pictures become more crisp and perfect with each new camera model released. How then, will people be able to keep up with all of their digital pictures? Apple hopes photographers will choose their free iPhoto application, but shareware alternatives such as ZeboPhoto from Bobby Cronkhite Software should not be overlooked.

ZeboPhoto is an application made with REALbasic and is a prime example of the many good things a developer can do with REALbasic. One of the most notable items that Bobby Cronkhite Software has added to ZeboPhoto is a file browser that closely mimics the column view of the Mac OS X Finder. Adding this feature greatly helps users to feel "at home." ZeboPhoto takes advantage of drawer windows in its Mac OS X version of the software. Pressing the File Visibility button in the main window toggles the visibility of a drawer window which allows for quick customization of the file browser. Another feature of ZeboPhoto is the Catalog View. Pressing the corresponding button in the main window launches a second window showing previews of all of the pictures of the selected folder in the file browser. When the catalog window is resized, so are the pictures. Double clicking on any of the pictures in the Catalog window shows them in the size specified in the main window. This feature is one that is available in Apple's iPhoto and thus proves that REALbasic developers can achieve an Apple approved interface in REALbasic. If you are in need of collecting and organizing screen captures, ZeboPhoto is the solution. It has built in screen capturing tools and can organize the pictures as well.

ZeboPhoto does not stop at just browsing pictures, but can also present them in a slide show. ZeboPhoto comes with many slide show organization templates ranging from full screen to six images at once. When the slide show is being presented, a toolbar is visible which allows the user to rotate and edit pictures as well as control the slide show. This toolbar can also be moved around the screen or hidden with simple commands. You can also create designs in ZeboPhoto. This feature is called the Lissajous Creations window. According to the documentation, Lissajous Creations are "fun graphics windows" that allow for the creation of different designs. This feature shows off some of the graphics handling features built into REALbasic. Additionally, ZeboPhoto contains a simple text editor and a dialog which displays basic information about your computer.

One final feature of ZeboPhoto worthy of mention is the help system. When launched, a list of common topics is displayed on the left side of the window. When a topic is selected, information about the topic is displayed on the right of the window. It is obvious that the developer put much effort into not only the application, but the documentation as well. ZeboPhoto is a wonderful model of the things that can be achieved with REALbasic.

End of article.