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Issue 2.5

Table Of Contents

Issue 2.5 (May/June 2004)

Column Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News (Page 6)
Review IntelliMerge (Page 8)
Review MaxiToolbar Pro (Page 8)
Review REALbasic 5.5 (Page 9)
Review acgi dispatcher (Page 9)
Review Voice of the GoatCactus (Page 10)
Review You Synchronize (Page 10)
Feature Success Stories: The REALbasic Developer Program delivers a competitive advantage (Page 11)
Feature A-OK! The Wings of Mercury: Programming the Right Stuff, Part Two (Page 12)
Feature REAL World Conference 2004: An experience to remember (Page 16)
Feature PDF, Really?: Saving and Printing PDF Documents from REALbasic (Page 20)
Feature Dealing with Databases: Learning SQL Part 1: The SELECT Statement (Page 25)
Column Custom Classes: Creating a statictext subclass (Page 28)
Column Pop-up Palettes: Learn to create a pop-up color selection palette (Page 30)
Column Databases for REAL: The New REALbasic 5.5 Database Engine (Page 32)
Column Seed Fill Algorithms: Different methods of implementing a "paint bucket" tool (Page 34)
Column Design Eye for the Programming Guy: Rethinking the PopupMenu Interface (Page 35)
Column Introducing the Mac OS: Getting to know the Mac OS from a programmer's viewpoint (Page 36)
Column Path Animation: Tell your Object3Ds where to go! (Page 38)
Column From Scratch: Building The TanGram UI (Page 40)
Column A Statusbar for your Windows application: How to add a statusbar to a window. (Page 42)
Column Help!, Part II: The fine art of documentation (Page 44)
Column IRC Bots: Easy! (Page 46)


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