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Issue 2.6


Net Clipper II

Issue: 2.6 (July/August 2004)
Author: Marc Zeedar
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If you use multiple networked computers, you've probably encountered situations where you need to transfer information between them. Often the hassle of setting up shared folders isn't worth it if you'd just like to copy clipboard information. Net Clipper II is excellent for doing just that.

Net Clipper II is a standalone application that won Best Cross-Platform Application in the REALbasic Design Awards 2004 contest. There are Mac OS X and Windows versions of the application and they look and work the same. You simply install the app on all your computers and you're ready to share information.

The main window displays a list of connected computers. Unfortunately, this shows the names of users, not computer names, and in my case this meant I had three users named "Marc Zeedar" to choose from, with no way to tell which was which computer (you can click the "Info" button to see the remote machine's details).

To send a file, simply select the user from the list and click the "Send File" command. Files are sent quickly, though occasionally a transfer would stall with large files (over 100MB) and I'd have to start it over.

You click the "Send Clipboard" button to transfer the clipboard. This worked well, though though the "auto-upload clipboard data" option in preferences is turned off by default: without it the receiving computer has the choice of accepting the clipboard data or not, meaning you have to click "upload" to accept it.

You can also turn on an "auto-send" feature, which automatically sends the clipboard to the checked user whenever you copy something new to the clipboard. This is really nice if you use multiple machines like I do: it's like the computers have a common clipboard! The only negative when you use this is that Net Clipper II comes to the foreground on the remote machine, which is annoying.

Net Clipper II also supports Bluetooth, but I did not test that as I don't have any Bluetooth devices.

I have several Macs and a PC on my network and I switch between them with remote access software (so I can access them all via my wireless laptop); Net Clipper II is a dream come true. Having common clipboard data between my Macs and PCs and being able to easily move files back and forth is wonderful. And at a mere $5 per license (you need a license for each machine), it's well worth it even if you don't use it constantly like I do.

End of article.