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Issue 21.1 ('Xojo Eliza')
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Issue: 21.1 (January/February 2023)
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XDC 2023 Call For Speakers

XDC 2023 will take place in London April 26-28, 2023 at the Hilton London Euston. The Call for Speakers is now open and we invite anyone interested to send over a session proposal.

If you have ever thought about presenting at a conference, this is your chance... plus all speakers get a 50% discount on their conference ticket! Please send your proposed session topic and a brief description to xdc@xojo.com anytime before January 10, 2023.


Platforms: All

Price: Varies

Website: https://xojo.com/xdc/london/speaker.html

Xojo 2022 Release 4.1

Xojo 2022 Release 4.1 is now available with 7 bug fixes.

Product: Xojo IDE

Platforms: All

Price: Free IDE (app deployment requires a one-time fee, $149-$1,999)

Website: http://www.xojo.com/download

Save the Date for XDC London 2023

Mark your calendar for Xojo Developer Conference in London at the Hilton London Euston from April 26-28, 2023! We will be packing up the whole Xojo team for a 3-day conference - full of new sessions, new speakers and lots of opportunities to network and socialize. We hope to see you there!

Registering early guarantees you a spot, helps us with planning, and gives you the best pricing. From now through January 9, 2023 you can register for $475! To get this special pricing, register now!

Product: XDC London 2023

Platforms: All

Price: Varies

Website: https://www.xojo.com/store/#conference

Xojo Developer Retreat Session Videos

The session videos from Xojo Developer Retreat 2022 are now available for anyone to purchase. You can now gain access to all of the session videos for $199 so you can learn from the experts at home. The following presentations are included:

ABCs of Android and Xojo -- Travis Hill

Building Digital Forensic Apps with Xojo -- Derrick Donnelly

Case Study: Building Data Processing Tools -- Geoff Perlman

Creating a Common Desktop App Installer -- Ken Whitaker

Getting Intimate with the Xojo Framework -- William Yu

Integrating Machine Learning into your Xojo Apps -- Jim Meyer

Integrating WooCommerce with Your Xojo Apps -- Javier Menendez

PowerXS -- Marc Zeedar

Thanks For the MemoryBlocks -- Kem Tekinay

The Legal Side of Programming -- Amy Barnes

Using MBS to Extend Xojo -- Christian Schmitz

Using Xojo's PDFDocument -- Javier Menendez

Web SDK -- Ricardo Cruz

Xojo: How It's Made -- Paul Lefebvre

19 Ways To Improve Your Business (Other Than Coding) -- Yousaf Shah

Product: Xojo Developer Retreat Session Videos

Platforms: All

Price: $199

Website: https://www.xojo.com/store/#conference

MBS Plugins 22.5 Released

MonkeyBread Software is pleased to announce MBS Xojo Plugins 22.5 for macOS, Linux and Windows, the latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin collection currently available for Xojo. MBS Xojo Plugins have been updated and now includes over 3000 classes and 80,000 documented features, and the versatile plugins have gained more new functions and fixes.

Updated CURL library to version 7.87.0.

Removed kSSLBackendAXTLS and kSSLBackendPolarSSL constants from CURLSSSLBackendMBS class.

Deprecated OptionPut for CURLSMBS class in favor of OptionUpload.

Deprecated OptionSocks5GSSAPIService, OptionSSLEnableNPN, OptionEGDSocket and OptionRandomFile properties in CURLSMBS class.

Deprecated OptionProtocols for CURLSMBS class in favor of OptionProtocolsString.

Deprecated OptionRedirProtocols for CURLSMBS class in favor of OptionRedirProtocolsString.

Deprecated GetInfoLastSocket property in CURLSMBS class in favor of GetInfoActiveSocket property.

Deprecated GetInfoProtocol property in CURLSMBS class.

Added Protocols and FeatureNames to CURLSVersionMBS class.

Fixed a problem with an OutOfBoundsException in Connect method of SQLDatabaseMBS class.

Removed some old HTMLViewer extension methods and classes, which were 32-bit macOS only.

Added CallCounter and CrashCounter properties to CallDelegateCrashSafeMBS class.

Updated our 100+ CIFilterMBS subclasses for macOS Ventura.

Added CIFilterAreaLogarithmicHistogramMBS, CIFilterColorAbsoluteDifferenceMBS, CIFilterColorThresholdMBS, CIFilterColorThresholdOtsuMBS, CIFilterConvertLabToRGBMBS, CIFilterConvertRGBtoLabMBS, CIFilterConvolutionRGB3X3MBS, CIFilterConvolutionRGB5X5MBS, CIFilterConvolutionRGB7X7MBS, CIFilterConvolutionRGB9HorizontalMBS, CIFilterConvolutionRGB9VerticalMBS, CIFilterCoreMLModelFilterMBS, CIFilterDocumentEnhancerMBS, CIFilterGaborGradientsMBS, CIFilterKeystoneCorrectionCombinedMBS, CIFilterKeystoneCorrectionHorizontalMBS, CIFilterKeystoneCorrectionVerticalMBS, CIFilterKMeansMBS, CIFilterLinearLightBlendModeMBS, CIFilterMorphologyRectangleMaximumMBS, CIFilterMorphologyRectangleMinimumMBS, CIFilterPaletteCentroidMBS, CIFilterPalettizeMBS, CIFilterPersonSegmentationMBS, CIFilterPerspectiveRotateMBS, CIFilterRoundedRectangleGeneratorMBS, CIFilterSaliencyMapFilterMBS, and CIFilterVividLightBlendModeMBS classes.

Updated SQLAPI to version 5.2.3.

Merged a few plugin segments to reduce number of segments by 10.

Product: MBS Xojo plugins

Platforms: All

Price: $29-$299

Website: http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.com/xojo/plugins.shtml

GraffitiSuite Release 48 Available

GraffitiSuite is pleased to announce Release 48 for Xojo Desktop and Web! This released includes:

7 New Classes or Products

37 Additions

24 Bug Fixes

7 Various Changes

This release brings easily-configured, beautiful, and responsive badges to both targets with text that resizes dynamically based on control dimensions! No more trying to fit your control to the height of an HTML element or messing with font sizes endlessly to get a good fill. With GraffitiBadge, it will all just fit.

Advanced tooltips have also arrived for Desktop. Build the tooltip of your dreams by controlling colors, font properties, or just embedding DesktopContainers!

Also new in Web for Release 48 is GraffitiListGroup. This is a beautiful listbox with set sections of content that makes building great listboxes a breeze.

Product: GraffitiSuite

Platforms: All

Price: Starting at $249/year

Website: http://www.GraffitiSuite.com/


AXNumValidatedTF is a Xojo DesktopTextField/TextField subclass for Windows, macOS and Linux allowing the input validation of a defined numeric range, using the system Locale settings for decimal and grouping text formatting.

The new release updates the control to API 2.0 and also includes other improvements.

Raise Events when the entered value is in / out of Range (active catching / propagation of the value).

Optionally displays a message Dialog when the entered value is out of range.

Optionally stays in focus when the entered value is out of range.

Use of Locale settings for Grouping and Decimal separators.

Adaptive formatting during the value validation.

Instance ToolTip / HelpTag set to the accepted value Range

Set the length of the decimal part for Real numbers.

IsInRange property to passively check if the value is inside the defined range.

Xojo API 2.0 / API 1.0 versions of the Class.

macOS / Windows / Linux (32/64 bits -- Intel / ARM) compatible.

Product: AXNumValidatedTF

Platforms: OSX/Win

Price: 20 Euros

Website: https://www.aprendexojo.com/en/shop/axnumvalidatedtf-for-xojo-2/

GuancheID 1.2 Released

GuancheID is the easiest way to get an unique ID for macOS and Windows based computers, so you can use it in combination with GuancheMOS or with your own software Licensing scheme to make sure your software only runs on the computer the license has been generated for, among other possible uses.

This new release adds ARM support and other improvements to GuancheID.

You can use GuancheID without restrictions when running your apps in Debug Mode from the Xojo IDE, but a license is required when building an application that makes use of it.

Product: GuancheID

Platforms: Desktop

Price: 40 Euros

Website: https://www.aprendexojo.com/en/shop/guancheid-2/

AprendeXojo announces GuancheMOS 1.9.5

AprendeXojo announces the immediate availability of GuancheMOS 1.9.5, the multiplatform plug-in for Xojo users that allows the easy, fast, no Rocket-Science implementation of serial number generation and validation features on macOS, Windows, Linux and Web applications.

GuancheMOS 1.9.5 plug-in adds the compatibility with ARM architecture on Windows, so users can deploy now their solutions on Windows as Intel or ARM64 apps.

Since 2007, GuancheMOS is the preferred serial number creation and validation Engine plug-in used by hundred of Xojo developers all over the World in all kind of apps and solutions.

GuancheMOS is both Desktop and Console safe, so it is possible to create all kind of license serial number generation and validation solutions around it, without having to pay additional fees or other hidden costs.

GuancheMOS is part of the Omegabundle 2022, so you can get it with other top Xojo developer tools and extras at an incredible price... while it lasts!

Product: GuancheMOS

Platforms: Desktop/Web

Price: 110 Euros

Website: https://www.aprendexojo.com/shop/guanchemos-serial-number-generation-and-validation-for-xojo-developers/

Markdown Parser for Xojo 1.2

AprendeXojo.com announces the availability of Markdown Parser for Xojo 1.2. The new release has been updated for Xojo API 2.0, with many other improvements in the parsing engine.

Markdown Parser for Xojo is an un-encrypted class with no dependencies, and easy to implement and use in your existing projects, allowing any Xojo developer to implement in their products the ability to parse Markdown source text into HTML + the provided CSS styles, so it can be presented on the fly over the standard Xojo HTML control.

Markdown Parser for Xojo is 32 and 64 bit compatible for macOS, Windows, Linux operating systems on Desktop, Web, Console and RaspberryPi deployments.

When buying a license of Markdown Parser for Xojo you will receive the 100% Xojo code class unencrypted, so you will be able to inspect/change/expand it to your own purposes (if needed).

Inspect / Access Source Code. No Chains!

Extremely Easy to Implement and Use.

One year of free updates and Customer support.

Exclusive portal for Feedback / Feature Requests / Bugs submission and follow up.

Product: Markdown Parser fo Xojo

Platforms: Desktop

Price: $96 (approx)

Website: https://www.aprendexojo.com/shop/markdown-parser-for-xojo-with-source-code/

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