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Issue 21.1 ('Xojo Eliza')
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Waterfield Essential Crossbody Pouch

Issue: 21.1 (January/February 2023)
Author: Marc Zeedar
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I'll confess I'm a sucker for gadget bags. They're great for holding bits of gear during travel or other adventures, but I'm always trying to find the optimal size.

Too small and you don't have room for essential items. Too big and you're carrying a bulky bag that's half empty, or you overload it with unnecessary gear and it becomes unwieldy. Where's the happy medium?

I might have just found it with Waterfield Designs' Essential Crossbody Pouch. It is sized right between a phone and a laptop bag, making it ideal for fitting smaller devices like a Kindle or iPad Mini, while still having room for a few other things like a battery pack, charger, phone, small emergency supplies, or a snack.

(It should be mentioned that Waterfield does make both phone- and laptop-sized crossbody bags as well. For me the phone one seems too tiny to bother with and if I'm taking a computer, I might as well use one of my backpacks.)

This middle size is just perfect for walking the dog, short hikes, or a day as a tourist about town. It holds just enough stuff without encouraging too much, and its size and weight are negligible, so it doesn't get in the way of whatever you're doing. The crossbody style keeps it handy against your body.

For hiking trips I find it too small to carry a lunch or a drink, but it is ideal for bringing along some nuts or an energy bar. I usually clip a water bottle to my pack or belt anyway, and my hikes are never all-day affairs, so the size isn't a problem for me.

And I actually like not being able to bring my laptop so I can focus on nature and not be tempted to work all the time. In a pinch, I can handle a few things with my smaller devices, and I love having my Kindle for reading both because of the larger screen and not worrying about running down my phone's battery.

As all Waterfield products, this bag is incredibly well-made, with fine, durable stitching and awesome fabrics that feel smooth while still being sturdy. I've owned some of my Waterfield bags for a decade or more and they still look brand new.

I also love the design and look of Waterfield's bags—they're stylish but understated, black with mere hints of color rather than being garish. They're perfect for personal or professional use.

This bag is full of clever touches and features. The inside has one large compartment and full-length side pocket. The outside has a generous zipper pocket and a smaller slip pocket that is great for quick items like gum or treats for your dog. There is also a clip on the zipper pocket where you can hook your keys or something else you don't want to lose.

All the zippers have a rubber outer seal which helps keep out water—essential for outdoor use here in rainy Oregon! The back of the bag has a plush mesh that helps keep the bag from making you hot and sweaty.

The removable body strap has a quick adjustment lever on it for pulling the bag tight once it's around your body, but if I had one complaint it's that the strap feels a little thin and plain.

If you're a tech person who likes to take some minimal gear on outings, I can't recommend the Waterfield Essential Crossbody Pouch highly enough.

End of article.