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Issue 21.1 ('Xojo Eliza')
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News from MBS Xojo Plugins

What's up with MonkeyBread Software

Issue: 21.1 (January/February 2023)
Author: Stefanie Juchmes
Author Bio: Stefanie studied computer science at the university in Bonn. She came in touch with Xojo due to the work of her brother-in-law and got a junior developer position in early 2019 at Monkeybread Software.
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The beginning of a year is an excellent chance to take a look at the past, to be aware of where you are, and to make a plan of where you want to go.

The MBS Xojo plugins have existed since 2001 and have been developed further every year since then. With every update, more and more functionality is added. Currently, there are 51 plugins. These include 48 plugins that are included in the Complete Set and the special plugins Chart Director, SQL Plugin, and DynaPDF. In the documentation we have currently documented over 80,000 items. We currently have about 3,000 classes and 2,300 example files where you can see how to use the plugins' functionality. Giving a complete overview of the full set of the plugins would take too long, so in this article today I would like to introduce you to just the latest innovations in the MBS Xojo plugins.


I would like to start with the Phidgets. Phidgets are small USB devices that can be used for input and output of data (see Figure 1). You can use special Phidgets to measure things like temperature, humidity, light intensity, volume, or the gyroscopic position of the sensor. The phidgets often have input and output pins that you can use to send data. For example, you could build your own weather station for your garden, program it with Xojo, and display the values on a screen. Another useful application is the control of the office sunshade, to raise or lower it certain light intensities, which are measured with the appropriate Phidget.

We added Phidget classes around 2010 to our MBS Xojo plugins. We kept that running and various clients used all the old classes for various projects. To support the new Phidget library with support for Apple Silicon, we created in 2022, new classes with the modern API. We put in all the knowledge we have about C++ and Xojo and improved the classes to current standards. We wrapped the C API from Phidgets library so you can always look on their documentation (https://www.phidgets.com/?view=api), too.


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