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Issue 21.1 ('Xojo Eliza')
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A Database That Connects

A Mongo DB photo database used with FileMaker and Xojo

Issue: 21.1 (January/February 2023)
Author: Stefanie Juchmes
Author Bio: Stefanie studied computer science at the university in Bonn. She came in touch with Xojo due to the work of her brother-in-law and got a junior developer position in early 2019 at Monkeybread Software.
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The MBS Xojo plugins might be known to many Xojo users, but did you know that MBS develops a plugin for the FileMaker environment, too? Today I want to show you how you can connect a FileMaker solution with a Xojo application using MongoDB. In this example, we first build an application with FileMaker that stores images in a MongoDB database, which are then assigned categories and the images can then be searched in the Xojo application using the categories. The result is then displayed in the application together with the categories.

The special thing about MongoDB is that it is not a relational database based on tables and relationships, but its data has a JSON-like structure. This allows you to make queries that were previously not possible due to the restriction of relationships or table boundaries. The use of MongoDB under FileMaker is possible with the MBS FileMaker Plugin since version 12.3 and under Xojo with the MBS Xojo Plugins in version 22.3. The functionalities of MongoDB used here, find no matter whether in Xojo or FileMaker used, usually the suitable equivalent on the other side. If you want to follow the example, you need a MongoDB server. How to install a local and free version on Mac you can see in this video:


Let's start with the FileMaker part first, because this way we can feed the database with data that we can read out later with Xojo (see Figure 1).

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