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Issue 21.2


Using Attributes

Xojo thoughts, news and tips

Issue: 21.2 (March/April 2023)
Author: Paul Lefebvre
Author Bio: Paul Lefebvre is a Xojo Software Engineer. He has been using Xojo and its prior versions since 2001.
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Just a quick note to let you know that Xojo 2023 Release 1 will have entered pre-release testing by the time you read this. We always appreciate your testing assistance. Xojo is a large project and the more scenarios that get tested, the better it will be. If you'd like to help, contact Xojo at hello@xojo.com.

All About Attributes

When you create your own classes in Xojo, there is a little-known feature that you might find useful: Attributes and the Attributes Editor.

Attributes are user-defined name-value pairs that are attached to a class or class member. By themselves, they don't do anything. But with Introspection, you can look up Attribute values at runtime and use their values to make code behave a certain way.

Note: When specifying an attribute value that is a string, you must put it in quotes! The attribute name only needs to be in quotes if it contains spaces or a keyword.

Before diving into how to access attributes at runtime, I want to point out a few "special" attributes that actually do something in your projects. These special attributes are:

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