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Issue 3.2


Converting Code

A small porting job

Issue: 3.2 (November/December 2004)
Author: Owen Yamauchi
Author Bio: Owen Yamauchi is a freelance programmer who has been programming REALbasic since version F4. He is the Lead Programmer for Domain Softworx, a company that produces developer tools for REALbasic.
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In the past few columns, I've been getting Visual Basic (VB) developers acquainted with REALbasic (RB) by showing the differences between the two development environments. Hopefully, VB developers have gotten comfortable with RB and have already discovered a few neat things about RB that VB lacks. In this column, I'll show you a few more neat things about RB that VB lacks, as well as introduce you to the process of converting VB code to RB.


Networking in VB is a nightmare. You have to deal with Winsock, or, for web browsing, you can use the ActiveX control. However, what if you want to make a custom web browser? Or a custom email program? You need Winsock, which is not notable for its ease of use.

In RB, you don't need to deal with anything at the system level. RB includes an object called a Socket, which deals with sending and receiving packets. In RB 5.0 and later, things get even better, with prefab Sockets like HTTPSocket, POP3Socket, SMTPSocket, and secure versions of each. They have the commands for their respective protocols built in, so you don't even need to worry about that. This means you could easily make a custom web browser or email program within a day!

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