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Issue: 3.5 (May/June 2005)
Author: Scott Griebel
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GuancheMOS is a plugin module offered by Mosquito SW that generates serial numbers for your programs created with REALbasic. As of the version 1.1 release in January, 2005, the plugin works with both the Macintosh and Windows versions of the REALbasic IDE. The GuancheMOS download includes the plugin; simple, yet complete documentation; and a sample project which shows you how to both create and validate a serial number.

The most natural way to use this plugin is to create a serial generation application to create user-specific serial numbers and to embed the validation procedure into your deployed applications.

The plugin module contains three very easy to use methods: Create, Validate, and Register. The Create method is used to actually generate serials by your serial number generation program. When calling this method to create a new serial number, you must specify a string which will be scrambled to create the serial number. Typically, you would probably use either the user's name or email address as the string to be scrambled. Two seed values must also be specified for the Create method. By using different seeds for each of your applications, users will be assigned unique serial numbers for each program, even if the specified string to be scrambled (i.e., user name or email address) is the same -- a very simple yet effective way to achieve this one-to-many mapping of name or email address to multiple serial numbers.

The Validate method is used by your deployed application software in order to confirm that an entered serial number is correct. When validating a serial number, you must be sure to provide the Validate method with the exact same string that was scrambled during the serial number creation process. The two seed values must also be the same as those used by the Create method.

In both the serial number generation application and the released software application, you will need to register the GuancheMOS plugin itself before using it to create or validate serial numbers. To register the plugin you need to purchase a license from the Mosquito SW website, after which an activation serial number will be sent to you. Otherwise, the plugin will operate in a demo mode, which allows you to create up to three serial numbers per session but does not offer validation abilities, and is thus useless. Therefore, it is suggested that your serial creation and deployed applications call the Register method to register the plugin in the App's Open event.

GuancheMOS is sold at a very reasonable price of $10 for unlimited use in all of your applications, whether or not they are sold as commercial applications.

The GuancheMOS plugin definitely achieves its goal of being "the easy way serial number machine" and is therefore highly recommended for any REALbasic developer looking to add serial number functionality to their deployed applications.

Mosquito SW
$10 (unlimited use license)
Contact Info
Easy to use, practical
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