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Issue 3.6


Using Cell Phone Ring Tones as Audible Alerts

Issue: 3.6 (July/August 2005)
Author: James Noe
Author Bio: James Noe is a longtime hobbyist BASIC programmer. He has nearly 20 years experience in networking and telecommunications.
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Article Number: 3609
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There are times when it is useful to audibly alert the user that something has happened. One technique is to use the Beep command as an alert; however, this is somewhat limiting. A beep is often used to indicate an error condition, or that a long running process has finished. It is unfortunate that we use the same sound for success and failure. I have seen some applications use multiple beeps for differentiation.

A clearer method would use different sounds to indicate various conditions. You can easily use sound files in your project. The drawback is file size, and locating or creating sounds that are appropriate. I was looking for something as simple as the beep, but with the flexibility of sound files.

The NotePlayer control seemed to fit the bill. I now had to figure out a data format that the NotePlayer could use.

I wanted it to be in the form of small text strings, which could be generated programmatically. I researched for any formats that met my needs. I found it in the form of Ringing Tones Text Transfer Language (RTTTL).

What are RTTTL Ring Tones?

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