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Issue 4.4



Issue: 4.4 (March/April 2006)
Author: Norman Palardy
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Article Number: 4407
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Photo Edit is, for me, a product that exceeds my very limited talents in the graphic arts. I'm not someone who requires the use of PhotoShop, Aperture, or other high end graphics tools. So a simple and inexpensive tool like PhotoEdit is just about perfect for the things I need to do.

That said, it's not hard to see why PhotoEdit won an award in 2005. It is very well done and provides a useful toolset for manipulating images. I tweaked a few TIFFs, edited a number of JPEGs, and some GIF and PNG images. It handled all of them with aplomb and let me manipulate them in a lot of ways with its built in filters.

While I noticed some differences in the selection of tools between PhotoEdit and another inexpensive editor like GraphicConverter, the capabilities are in many respects similar. They both have good support, decent documentation, and are professionally done.

PhotoEdit is a capable editor and does the tasks sent to it quickly and well. With the kinds of things I need to do with images, it handled everything as I expected. In the demo, certain things are disabled, like exporting to different formats.

One of the nice things about PhotoEdit is that it does have a scripting architecture built in that is RBScript based.

PhotoEdit covers the bases competently and inexpensively. It includes all sorts of common image editing tools for selection, various brushes, filters, and a lot of really useful stuff. In fact, as I used it, I finally figured out that how I had been trying to do things in other image editors often did not work as I expected. In PhotoEdit it did.

One of the things that I could not test was the export feature, as the demo version has this disabled.

PhotoEdit is a great editor for a lot of tasks and it's inexpensive. It is really hard to find anything that is not well done. It's easy to see why it won an award.

End of article.